Berkeley Police is a joke.

Did you know they have an Event Planning Checklist? Wedding? Funerals? Bar Mitzvahs? Quinceañeras? Nope: Protests.
This is from their website:

Symbolic arrests? What the (bleep)? LEOs are not to be used in some sort of theatrical performance for the triumph of the Revolution!

Screw it. I vote to use Berkeley as down payment now for La Raza activists in their Reconquista and/or Calexit.

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  1. Ann Coulter is scheduled to speak at Berkely on April 27.

    The Antifa (Anti First Amendment) got run out last weekend by conservatives and free speech advocates while the Berkely cops hid a few blocks away. On April 27, I expect we will see the Berkely Police Department actively work with Antifa to harass, beat, and shutdown conservatives and free speech advocates trying to attend the Coulter speech. The cops will do it because their political masters tell them to do it. And the Police Officer’s reasoning will be,

    Befehl ist Befehl!


    1. The university has canceled Ms. Coulters speech today. Said her speech is too dangerous to public safety. Except it is not her or her words that create the danger. It is not her fans, nor even the sane liberals that cause trouble. The trouble is the facist Anti-First-Amendment blackshirts.

      The Berkely College Republicans and Ann Coulter say that she will speak on the 27th. The close minded progressive university administrators will fight her free speech rights tooth and nail. A sad, sad end to the Berkely Free Speech Movement after fifty years. Progressives destroy everything good.



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