Girl Power Watts

I caught the beginning of this story on Twitchy.

Shannon  Watts retweeted a bit from Now This News about a 16 year old girl at Arizona Senator Jeff Flake’s town hall.

This is the only video I could embed of this exchange, it is from a different perspective but the audio is the same.

The progressive media outlets have been all a buzz about this exchange.

The Independent put it this way “This 16-year-old girl expertly shut down a Republican on abortion.”  Claiming “Republican Senator Jeff Flake met his match in a town hall meeting about Planned Parenthood. An eloquent, fierce 16-year-old young woman.”

According to Refinery 29 “Watch This 16-Year-Old Girl School A Republican Senator On Planned Parenthood.”

As per Business Insider “‘Why is it your right to take away my right to choose?’: Teenager slams top Republican senator during testy town hall.”

From MIC. “Teen slams Republican senator, defends Planned Parenthood in epic town hall exchange.”

Oh SNAP!  A 16 year old girl must have really handed this senator his ass.

Actually, this is 21st century social justice progressive feminism, so to a thinking person, it was a shit show.

First, this teenager has the audacity to lecture the Senator that he is a privileged white male and she is a poor, female, person of color.  This of course is to imply that his opinion is wrong because he is a progressive untermensch.

Then she devolves into demanding free stuff (in this case, birth control) from the goverment in the form of Planned Parenthood funding, because that is her American Dream.

She may be entitled to birth control through Title, but access to Planned Parenthood is not a “right” in any way I believe the founders used that word.  Personally, I am 100% for the defunding of Planned Parenthood.  Not so much that I care about abortion, but that it is a DNC Super PAC.   It donates 99% of its political contributions to Democrats.  Even Politifact had to agree that the Planned Parenthood donated millions to Democrats.  Sure, they claim that the healthcare side of PP is separate from the political side of PP, but that is a serious case of bullshit.  It assumes that money is not fungible, which it is.  The effect of this is that PP is as much a birth control provide as it is a money laundering scheme for funnel federal funds to the DNC.

But I digress…

“Check your privilege white man, give me taxpayer money” is a terribly shitty message.  But it is the type of shitty, entitled message that progressivism is embracing.

Shannon Watts is among those progressives.

Nothing screams “empowered woman” like endless demands for government subsidies for women specific issues.

I believe that Miguel is right that Shannon Watts is hitching her wagon to Emerge America is a first step towards a Congressional campaign.  The link in the above tweet is for this article from The New York Times on just how gender equity in state legislature means more  welfare for women.

Even in Nevada, tone-deaf misogyny still echoes in the chamber. After a nurse testified to the calls she received from low-income women forced to choose between feminine hygiene products and food for their children, a male lawmaker asked if he could get his jockstrap tax free.

WIC, EBT, TANF, the earned income tax credit, that’s not enough in handouts available to low income single mothers.  We have to give away MORE.

Once upon a time, a politician would be warned not to insult potential voters.  That is old and busted.  The new hotness is telling white men just how terrible they are, and seeing as how well that worked for President Hillary “Basket of Deplorables” Clinton, it is being adopted DNC wide.

White male suicide is skyrocketing.  Many middle aged, white men are facing hard economic times, home values lost, job markets changing, retirement savings deflated, and reviled by popular culture.  They cry out for help only to be ignored or told to “check your privilege.”  They’ve lost hope.  What does a Democrat candidate in Maine think about that?  He laughs at the idea of white men killing themselves.

Shannon Watts picks a fight with a potential male supporter.

Men have been in charge for too long and it is time for a Woman to stamp the boot in the face for a while.  It’s a matter of gender equality.

It seems that at least one other person didn’t find that message something to embrace.  But she must be a white male.

Looking at the whole of Shannon Watts’ Twitter feed, her message (if she really does run) seems to be:

“I’m going to take your guns, take your money, and spend more on partisan entitlement programs.  If you don’t agree, check your privilege you misogynist white male.”

I can only hope that it is as effective a strategy for her as it was for Hillary.



3 Replies to “Girl Power Watts”

  1. It’s not taking away anyone’s “right to choose” if all the options are still there. Even if it becomes more expensive or less convenient, if the option still exists, it’s still an option.


    1. Sorry Scrappy. I have to disagree.

      Raising costs decreases availability for any product, service, or activity. Same as if your state raised its carry permit costs $300.00 or added a 25% firearms sales tax. The difference is that these feminist demanded things are not an enumerated right explicitly contained in the US Constitution.

      I intensely dislike everything about Planned Parenthood, from its Eugenic History and Eugenic Goals to its financial goals of increasing revenue by killing more babies. Anything legally allowed that handicaps PP will save children. But the best way is to make abortion on demand socially unacceptable.



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