Hunting Coyotes with Greyhounds.

Holy crap they are good!

You know I am a city boy who only hunts deals in Amazon. But as Dog Lover I can’t help but smile to see the doggies chase and bring down the vermin coyotes are to farmers. A bit more explanation from where I got the video

Most farmers can attest to the fact that coyotes are a pretty serious problem. Coyotes attacking and killing young cattle costs farmers tons and tons of money each year. Hunting coyotes with greyhounds is a technique hunters have been using for generations, and quite successfully actually. Most of these dogs that are used for this are not full blooded greyhounds, many of these hounds are mixes of wolfhounds, bloodhounds and airedales

Source: Coyotes Problem? Get Some Greyhounds –

2 Replies to “Hunting Coyotes with Greyhounds.”

  1. I would rather have the damned Yotes than the dog hunters and I hate damned Yotes . They run over crops and fences with their pickups with no regard for property at all .
    Growing up I spent way too much time chasing cattle back to our ground and fixing fence because of ( mostly ) KS assholes coming over to run their dogs here . Less of a problem here than it used to be since CO changed the hunting/trespass laws so they can loose the dogs, pickup , guns , and everything else when caught at it .



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