Bandying around Bans.

Sometimes I am surprised at the narrow mildness in our own side.

Putting aside the political  blunderbuss shit discharge that would be, specially from a President that at least appears to be friendly to the NRA (and he is coming to the Annual Meeting, first president since Reagan), my question is “Why are you throwing around the word “Ban” like the Opposition? You would actually ban and individual to attend a public event because a law you don’t like? Our business is the opposite!

Holy shit people! We are in a constant fight to get rid of all kinds of bans applied to the Second Amendment and the first thing you want to do is use ban the stuff and/or behavior you don’t like? Where is the effing consistency?

Once again around the block: We are not in the business to ban shit we don’t like, we are in the business of removing bans from Constitutional Rights.

If you can’t process that, please step down and let the adults continue the fight. You just go ahead and ride the coattails.

3 Replies to “Bandying around Bans.”

  1. I know of a number of folks who are refusing to attend, even though it’s very close by, simply because the NRA is “weak” and “capitulated” and/or _____________ (insert negative statement) because carry is not allowed 100% of the time at 100% of the areas. FWIW, I’m going.



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