Women, Fists, and Guns

Shannon Watts believes the future is female.

She has taken to Twitter and Facebook to boost her Feminist cred.  She kicked off #Leggingsgate with typical Social Justice Feminist flare about the sexualization of women, policing women’s bodies, etc.

She has made domestic violence and gun crime against women a cornerstone of Mom’s Demand Action.

She’s so woke in feminsim that having The Nuge go to the White House is a threat to women.

One would get the idea that Shannon Watts really cares about women.

She doesn’t.

She’s a Progressive Leftist and only pretends to care about women so long as it convenient to her cause.

When a doctor in Michigan was caught performing female genital mutilation on young girls, there wasn’t a peep from Watts or Left Wing Feminists.  Why?  Because the defense preferred for butchering little girls was “religious freedom for Islam.”  So… crickets.

Well, the other pet group for Leftists right now is immigrants, especially illegal ones.

So what happens when a female immigrant manager in the Left Wing tech company Apple, gets the shit beat out of her by her silicon valley CEO immigrant husband?

A slap on the wrist.

A conviction for domestic violence comes with deportation.   The Left can’t have that, for any reason, so Progressive locals aren’t convicting domestic abusers of the crimes the commit.

California pleads immigrants way down.  New York City won’t hold them for ICE, and lets them go back to their families.

Apparently the danger to women isn’t the “boyfriend loophole” but the “non-citizen loophole.”  All you have to do is be a shade of brown and not a US citizen and you can beat the hell out of your family and Progressives won’t stop you.

For all that Shannon Watts seems to care about domestic violence, she only cares about it when it is a white, American man slapping his wife around.  Then she’ll nail you to the wall and take away every right you have… because feminism.  Be here on a Green Card, or better yet illegally, and your wife can “walk into a door” as many times as you like and Left will have your back… because intersectional feminism.

Watts and her Democrat ilk don’t actually “give a shit” about women or domestic violence, only advancing identity politics.


If Watts does decide to run for office in Colorado, I beg someone who reads this blog form the Centennial State to ask Watts this question at a Town Hall:

“Ms. Watts, you believe that people convicted of domestic violence should lose their right to own guns as per Federal law.  Do you also believe that non-citizens should be deported for a conviction for domestic violence as per Federal law?”

I want to see the answer to that.

4 Replies to “Women, Fists, and Guns”

  1. “A conviction for domestic violence comes with deportation.” Well, not exactly. Domestic violence is not an “aggravated felony” that would render an alien deportable at any time after entry as a lawful permanent resident (LAPR). In order for a domestic violence conviction to render a LAPR deportable, it must be (a) committed less than 5 years after entry as a LAPR; AND (b) result in a sentence of more than one year of confinement.
    And even an aggravated felony conviction doesn’t “come with deportation.” It MAY cause the alien to be placed in deportation proceedings, and it precludes bond, but an Immigration Judge has to actually order the alien to be deported.
    I’ve seen a lot of agg felons that weren’t placed in proceedings in my day, and I’ve seen a few more that weren’t ordered deported.


    1. I’m not a lawyer, but from what I’ve seen in Federal guidelines, a domestic violence conviction that would make you a prohibited person as per the Lautenberg Amendment is a crime of moral turpitude and is on the roster for offenses that can result in deportation.

      That is why CA is pleading these down, so that immigrants don’t meet the Federal standard for deportation.


  2. Look on the list of aggravated felonies in Section 101 of the Immigration and Nationality Act. An agg-felony conviction will render an alien deportable, but domestic violence isn’t on the list. Therefore, it’s a simple “crime involving moral turpitude” (CIMT) and Section 212(a) of the INA applies. (Plus a bunch of little numbers and Roman numerals in parentheses that I’m too lazy to cite here.) A CIMT conviction has to come within 5 years of “entry” (defined as the date of adjustment to LAPR status), has to be punishable by over 1 year confinement, and has to result in the alien being sentenced to 6 months or more of confinement.
    I’m not a lawyer either, but I spent 30 years arresting illegal aliens.
    I don’t doubt California is pleading stuff down for that reason.



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