Moms Demand will go face to face against the NRA.

From a mile away and probably with bodyguards. And yes, that is their definition of face to face… the love to move goalpost.

An organization formed the day after the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Connecticut plans to hold a rally in Atlanta this weekend during the National Rifle Association’s conference.“We want to bring people together to show the counter perspective,” said Lizzie Ulmer, a spokeswoman for Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. She said the rally is aimed at what she calls  the “dangerous” agenda of the NRA leadership.

The rally will be held at 11 a.m. Saturday at  Woodruff Park,  91 Peachtree St. NW.

Source: Moms rally against gun violence during NRA meeting

Same place as the Disarm The Hate group, but the following day.

In case you missed the earlier map:

I was not lying about the mile away. 🙂

Maybe somebody in Atlanta will tell me if that park is a Gun Free Zone because Shannon likes to do her “soirées” where NRA members with guns can’t come in. Of course, that means that NRA members without guns can traipse unencumbered while wearing the appropriate clothing with the NRA logo emblazoned as loud as possible.

So, nothing new: Shannon doe not take chances that her thunder will be stolen and wants to control the events as much as possible from as far away as she can manage without looking pusillanimous.

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  1. Well, we NRA members can go protest at the “Mommies demand attention” annual meeting. Oh, wait, they don’t HAVE an annual meeting. I guess Bloomberg draws the line at paying for transport and lodging for his paid astroturf “Groups”.


  2. “If you have a Handgun Carry Permit, carry in State and local parks is legal by default. The final bill includes language stating that someone with a handgun permit may not be within the “immediate vicinity” of a school-sponsored park event, though it does not provide a clear definition of “immediate vicinity.” per 39-17-1311 during the activity. See TN AG Opinion Numbers 09-129 and 09-160.” T.C.A. § 39-17-1311, HB0995

    “Open carry of loaded handguns is permitted for those who have been issued a license to carry. Long guns may only be carried unloaded.” T.C.A. § 39-17-1307
    T.C.A. § 39-17-1308

    IANAL, but it looks like carry, open or concealed, with a license. Long guns must be unloaded carry.


  3. If armed bodyguards are legal there, and I’m sure Mom’s Demand will have some there (I don’t know the laws and requirements), could you not have 2 buddies each be the others armed security?

    Officer: You’re under arrest for carrying a firearm in the waterfront park.

    Bob: Sir, I paid Dave here $1 to act as my personal armed bodyguard.

    Dave: … and I paid Bob here $1 to act as my bodyguard, same as the MDA’s paid bodyguards.

    Officer: Ok, cool. Have a nice day.

    I’m sure there are licensing requirements so that a person is “officially” recognized as a bodyguard, but if you could legally pull this off…

    Question: How fast could a person get an “official” armed bodyguard license (time and cost)?

    Or… maybe hire 2 sets of armed bodyguards (different companies) to guard each other, several groups of 2, and put them on roving patrols of the waterfront park.

    Just some random morning thoughts, pre-coffee.



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