A letter to Florida Senators from a Constituent.

Senator Joe Negron.
Senator Anitere Flores
Senator Greg Steube
Senator Rene Garcia

Dear Senators.
In case you may have missed it, the National Rifle Association Annual Meeting was this past weekend in Atlanta. Tens of thousands of Law Abiding Gun Owners get together to celebrate gun ownership and the Second Amendment in peace. At the time of this writing, we don’t know exactly the number of attendees, but if last year’s numbers are to be repeated, expect well above the 70,000 mark, many of them Floridians.
On Saturday, Moms Demand Action For Gunsense in America had a protest in Atlanta where the head of the organization, Shannon Watts said that she was meeting the NRA toe to toe… a mile away in a park. It is OK, we are used at her “distortions” of reality when in front of a camera or reporter.
Ms Watts and her people did get together in Woodruff Park, but It just lacked the luster she had promised everybody:

That is a homeless person right in the middle of the park.

And this is as best as it got. This is the photo from a MDA follower, not a Gun Owner.

A Park official estimated between 70 to 100 people attending this shindig. She promised at least 300 which it is an embarrassing number on itself and still could not produce it.
Again, possibly over 70,000 attending the NRA Annual Meeting, Moms Demand under a hundred.
Apologies for the long introduction, but here is my question:

Why are you afraid of Moms Demand? They do not have grassroots, they do not have a true infrastructure, they are run by a couple of PR firms from New York City. You have been spooked by shadow play and disappointed Florida Gun Owners who have been faithful you.

And the one who is not afraid, do you really think that is the side of the Gun Issue you want to support? Guess which side has the hard vote? Guess which side always votes guns? Former Senator Diaz de la Portilla made the same ill-advised choice and now he has gone to pursue other interest because he lost the hardcore voters that are the Gun Owners.

I guess all of you have less than a week to fix things. I suggest to get to it.
We don’t forget and we welcome change when needed or deserved.
Thank you for your attention.
Miguel Gonzalez.
Miami Florida.

PS: You may want to see more photographs of the Moms Demand protest following these links:


Did you know that Ms Watts had a nice set of several armed bodyguards with her? Interesting choice for somebody so averse to guns and armed people.

5 Replies to “A letter to Florida Senators from a Constituent.”

  1. Miggy,
    Would it be ok to paraphrase your letter to the legislators in my own letter to them? You have so many good points!
    D. Fosdick


  2. Well said my friend. Paraphrase? I want to forward the whole thing to Senator Passidomo, my Senator that looks forward to meeting with me in May after the session… I look forward to meeting with her in December after the next election too so we can discuss the issues.



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