Anti NRA Protest in Atlanta: another embarrassing moment for Hillary 2.0 and Moms Demand.

This is gonna be a photo heavy-post

This is what Shannon Watts (Hillary 2.0) posted on her Twitter account:

Unfortunately there is this thing called technology and Social Media that contradicts her. Some of following are captured posts from a Moms Demand fan who thinks he is doing a good job supporting the cause, some from Moms Demand Twitter feed and the rest are evil gun owners s-trolling (done on purpose) the protest.

I am thinking there was not a lot budget or they knew what was coming. Small stage.



They started about 15-20 minutes earlier than posted. Not crowded.


Not that many. It even looks thinner than Nashville’s protest.


Three hundred? Including media and other “visitors”? nope, not even that. (Photo Gail Pepin)
The “visitors”  Sean Sorrentino, WizardPC, Weerd Beard  & Evil Princess Gail Pepin. Damned people with guns! (Photo Sorrentino Enterprises)
It seems they were giving away signs and T-Shirts to create a bulk crowd for the Media. I don’t need to tell you why this “unknown” gun blogger is smiling about. (photo Gail Pepin)


I guess Betsy Riot’s threat of driving the truck through the NRA AM did not pan out.


And now, our favorite part of the Moms Demands Anti NRA Parties: Shannon Watts ARMED Bodyguards!  (Photos Gail Pepin)

Backstage. Notice the steely look from the guy on the left.
Nope, they don’t look like hairdressers or make up people.
And Shannon leaving accompanied by a yoga instructor and a Life Coach. (Photo by Sorrentino and Associates)

Quoting from Bearing Arms (follow the link, more pics there):

According to an officer providing security at the event, Mom’s Demand and Everytown brought just 75-100 people to Woodruff Park to “confront” the NRA, at a venue 7/10ths of a mile away from the Annual Meetings.

That is a homeless person asleep while Shannon speaks. (Photo stolen from Bob Owens)


16 Replies to “Anti NRA Protest in Atlanta: another embarrassing moment for Hillary 2.0 and Moms Demand.”

  1. Contact whoever’s there documenting to get pics of the aftermath, I’ll almost guarentee they won’t pick up after themselves.


  2. If I had been there I would have been obliged to jump up, point at the guy in the white shirt, and scream hysterically, “He’s got a gun!’ before sobbing uncontrollably. . . then watch the fun.


    1. Yeah- start yelling that since he’s armed, he MUST BE a NRA plant there to make trouble. It’d be big fun to see if you could sic a mob on him.


  3. Betsy Riot did pay a banner plane thanking the NRA for encouraging a death cult. Problem is it’s an indoor convention and it was flying to high to shoot at it.


  4. I especially appreciate the sign of one protestor that, “Nonviolence is the weapon of the strong.”

    Let me correct it for this mental midget…”Nonviolence is the weapon of the raped and murdered.”

    She should tattoo a big “V” for “Victim” on her face so criminals can pick her out more easily.

    I get really upset when people try to tell me that no resistance to evil and being a victim is morally superior. No, letting either yourself or other innocent people be savaged is an affront to God who gave us the gift of life and human dignity. God hates sin, so rapists and murderers will face His wrath. We also do not have to put up with that crap.

    Forgot to point out that she is at a “MDA” event so I assume she has children. Would she not use violence to protect them? I smell a hypocrite or a horrible mother.


  5. Right, nonviolence, is something protestors should of practiced after the election was over.

    How are we violent? If we choose to protect ourselves from criminals, who will use anything to destroy or harm another person.

    It’s not gun violence, it’s criminal’s who choose to cause harm. A criminal can use a wall to bang someone’s against, and that victim won’t exactly heal from the attack.

    If given a choice, having a gun will prevent such an attack.


    1. Thus, resolving the eternal question of, “Who gives a shirt?”

      Well, if you’re homeless, MDA gives (you) a shirt! And props you up in a corner….


  6. Love the homeless guy sleeping in the park; I have heard that they are now paying homeless people a few bucks to throw on MDA shirts and act as filler for these photos to make it look like they have a bigger turn out then they actually do!


    1. Check the link to Bearing Arms. There is a picture of MDA operatives giving T Shirt not only to Homeless . And they did give T shirts to NRA members and gun bloggers 🙂



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