Saint Shannon Watts performs a miracle!

Being Sunday and church day, what could be better than actually be in the presence of a miracle.

Behold The Multiplication of People at The Moms Demand Atlanta March!

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Santa Santa Hillary 2.0
Madre de todos los ninos
De los tiranizados, de los descamisados…

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5 Replies to “Saint Shannon Watts performs a miracle!”

  1. She knows she’s full of it, even if her followers don’t. My question is: Does Shannon Watts have any actual conviction behind her actions? Of course she’s a shill for Bloomberg, but how much of a shill? If the NRA came at her with a bigger offer, would she switch sides? It really doesn’t change anything one way or the other, I’m just wondering. I’m sure it’s been pointed out elsewhere, but her lauding this tiny gathering of misguided people and claiming she’s taking on the NRA is like that Baghdad Bob guy from the Iraq War who kept claiming that American forces were being crushed, literally as American forces were taking over the city right behind him. “We are winning!”. Sure, Shannon, if by winning you mean Americans arming up with over 400 million firearms, almost a quarter of the country moving to constitutional carry, and women and minority gun ownership increasing dramatically. There’s a world outside of San Francisco and New York Shitty, she’s just not aware of it apparently.


  2. She multiplied her 30 followers luke the loaves and the fish. Jesus is going to be so pissed.

    She is a lying sack of excrement.



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