Glass Houses

The ACLU issued a travel warning for Americans who go to Texas because the the sanctuary city ban Texas Governor Greg Abbott just signed into law.

Apparently, for the ACLU it is a horrible violation of a person’s rights to have their immigration status verified after an arrest for another crime.

NYC top douchebag Mayor Bill de Blasio attacked Texas on Twitter.

I guess New Yorkers didn’t get the message about it being the safest April in NYC history, because most people don’t believe the crime stats.  That’s because de Blasio is fudging the stats.    Something that NYC has a history of doing.

Besides, it’s easy to say the crime stats are lower when many offenses were decriminalized by de Blasio.

So color me skeptical of de Blasio’s claims.

All that aside, this is where this post was going.

Years ago, I drove to NYC to visit a buddy of mine that had a college internship in the city.  I was driving my old Suburban with Florida plates and an NRA window sticker.

I got pulled over and searched by the NYPD.  Yes it was an illegal search.  No, I did not consent.  I was a dumb college student without the wherewithal to stand up for myself.

I kept being asked about guns and why I was coming to New York.

I was profiled.  A car with FL plates and an NRA sticker, I had to be a gun runner.

My civil rights were completely violated.

The ACLU has NEVER stood up for this kind of profiling.  NYC liberals are happy to violate any civil rights they don’t agree with.

Here illegally?  They will bend over backwards for you.

Have an NRA sticker on your car?  They will stick a camera up your ass.

Maybe the NRA should publicly issue a Travel Warning to all 150 Million plus gun owners not to go to NYC.  Turnabout is fair play.

4 Replies to “Glass Houses”

  1. It’s not even immigration enforcement per se. It’s insisting that local law enforcement cannot release criminals with immigration detainers unless that detainer is first removed. It’s removing the ability of local police to bar immigration officers from conducting jail checks for criminal aliens previously unknown to the officers. It’s about preventing local police chiefs, sheriffs, and judges, from flouting national immigration law in lieu of social justice, cultural re/de-construction, imagined reparations, or any other political cause, liberal or otherwise.


  2. It would be rather funny to see the anti’s collective head explode if the NRA started issuing travel warnings. The salt would be tasty.



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