Guilty till proven Innocent: Castle Doctrine in other countries.

Mahikeng – A father of two from Leeudoringstad in North West wounded a robber and shot dead his accomplice in a fight on Friday night when a gang of robbers attacked his home.Chris Holtzhausen, 44, is now being accused of attempted murder and murder, Netwerk24 reports.

Source: Dad accused of murder after shooting robber dead | News24


This is enough to make you sick to your stomach:

Police spokesperson Sergeant Kelebogile Moleko said it was standard procedure to open a case of murder or attempted murder after someone dies or is injured in a shooting. He said as soon as the investigation is completed, the dossier would be handed over to the National Prosecuting Authority to decide whether anyone would be prosecuted in connection with the shooting.

Life like this is the goal of Gun Control. Don’t ever buy the line of BS that they don’t mind Castle Doctrine and only oppose Stand Your Ground. Not one of them are able to explain why your life is totally worth saving inside your domicile, but suddenly gets a heavy discounted value once you cross the threshold of you abode into the world.

They don’t care because they have their armed security and in many cases, their own guns. The Little People are unimportant and are only good to pay taxes and vote the way they tell you to vote.

Story stolen from Sean Sorrentino.

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