The NRA is killing 16 toddlers a day with guns! (Or something like that)

Study: 16 children hospitalized daily with gunshot injuries. That is the headline in the Atlanta Journal Constitution which is slightly less scandalous than mine, but I am admitting freely mine is a load of BS while AJC is lying at you with a straight Fake News face.

When Gun Control talks about dead children, this is the image they are trying to evoke in your memory:

And that works specially well if you are careful enough to present the data is such a way it confuses the shit out of the reader whose mind will go with a simpler explanation rather than study the fuck up that is the article.

So we have 16 “children” a day hospitalized by gunshot injuries.  You do not get a disclosure of the ages in this group till halfway through the article:

In older children, the background changes. Most of those between 15 and 19 were shot in an intentional assault, according to Silver’s research. This age group makes up the largest number of victims, more than 83 percent.

Two things here: Under the eyes of the law and most rational people, 18 and up is considered adults, not bumbling toddlers chasing butterflies in a meadow in the middle of spring with Kenny G playing a happy tune in the background. Second, why are teen/children and adults/children being shot intentionally rather than accidentally? Are scores of pick up trucks decorated with the logo of the NRA on the doors and the Confederate flag waving from the antenna going through neighborhoods and shooting them while they walk on the way to church? That does not seem the case or you could be sure as shit it would have been reported and documented like crazy.

Why are 13 out of 16 “children” between the ages of 15 and 19 being shot on purpose by parties not described in the article? You cannot tell me that they do not know the reasons, so it begs the question: why is it not being mentioned? Because it is embarrassing? Because it would be an admission of failed Liberal policies? Because it would mean to admit they have failed a constituency deeply tied to their political line? Because nobody wants to admit they have a gang and drug problem in their cities? Because they know the problem is so big now that it is going take a herculean effort to fix and that begins with eliminating failed policies they swore by and are the platform of their political party? And it is cheaper and more politically convenient to allow the killings to go on and blame guns rather than say We Fucked Up?

Dead Bodies mean good fundraising for Gun Control and its political cronies. Never forget that.

Hat Tip Sean Sorrentino.

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  1. I understand the NRA has purchased large tracts of land for kill zones where they have “seeded” them with toddlers in tge 5-8 year old range as moving targets for us to get in some long range practice.

    If you are having trouble bagging these lttle munchkins, the NRA will provide a spotter to assist you with filling your tag. You see, they tend to bob and weave as they pick flowers and chase butterflies and they are small targets. But hey, we
    love our guns more than children.

    This is OBVIOUSLY SARCASTIC, but it is here to make the point that the CSGV, Moms wanting more bedroom action, the Brady Campaign, et al are a bunch of lying, immoral and libel spewing evil people who actually think we are the problem.


    1. I did not get my tag for this event… i suspect it is because I do not own an assualt rifle, just a old remington 740 in 30-06. So, i have had to resort to kittens…


  2. Great timing. I had just discovered that the CDC has added an option to its website that tracks injuries and death called WISQARS™ (Web-based Injury Statistics Query and Reporting System). For the longest time they just had fatal injury data but now you can look up nonfatal injury data. In 2015 firearms injuries for “kids” age 0-19 came to 13,723. When we look at real kids, ages 0 through 17, the number drops by about half to 6,911.
    By the way, whenever I point stuff like this out I then get roasted about how I dont care about the (lower number) of kids.


  3. When I hear children. I think of ages 0-8. 9-12 are pre teen. 13-17 are teens. 18 and over are adults.

    Although the left is doing its best to infantilize today’s youth. I look at Yale, Duke, Berkeley, and Harvard; and weep.



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