G-Man by Stephen Hunter.

Stephen Hunter’s new book is out!

I just got the book yesterday and I am forcing myself not to be a glutton. I am reading a chapter, then putting down the book and go do something else.  Hunter’s has different styles/ways he writes depending on which character he is giving the main attention and although this is supposed to be a Bob Lee Swagger book, so far I feel the flavor of the Earl Swagger books. Think Pale Horse coming and you are in the ball park. Then again I fancy the Earl books a tad more than the Bob Lee books and Pale Horse Riding still raises the hair on the back of my neck to this day.

An interesting note, Mr. Hunter got his hands on FBI files and the encounter where Baby Face Nelson dies is possibly the first time it is retold according to the evidence and which he wrote about in American Rifleman.

So far, damned fine writing.  A full review when I finish it.

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