Impeach Trump

I’m tired of all the innuendo and conspiracy theories about Russia when it comes to discussing Trump.

I want to see Trump impeached.

The Republicans should be calling for it.

Remember, impeachment is just a trial by the legislature.   Bill Clinton was impeached and acquitted in the Senate.

Impeach Trump.  

Make all the evidence open to public view.   Have all testimony done under oath.  Expose everything to the light of day.

If he’s guilty, it will be clear and he will be forced to resign.

If he’s not guilty, all of this will go away.

I think the Democrats are using a call for impeachment to rally their paranoid, Trump hating base, but they know they have no evidence.  

I say call their bluff.

Let’s do this live on CSPAN with the threat of perjury attached.

5 Replies to “Impeach Trump”

  1. Perjury?

    The miserable lap dog Congress did not even censure Obama officials when they were caught lying to their faces.


  2. “If he’s not guilty, all of this will go away.”

    “This” may go away, but they won’t. The left today is wholly intransigent, incapable of reason, and devoid of the ability to accept that a view which disputes their own may be valid. They’ll try something else, and never give up.


  3. Ain’t gonna happen. The Evil Party wants Trump exactly where he is. He’s the best appeal they have to their core constituency. You see how the Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder has them all talking like they’re insane.

    The usual pattern is that the opposition party picks up wins in the first mid-term. They’re banking on it.

    Unfortunately, Trump is fighting both the Evil Party and the Stupid Party. The Stupid RINOs should be behind him.


  4. Straight forward, I like it.
    There is a lot of Trump-bashing going on in the media and justified or not, this certainly hurts the credibility and the faith the general public has into our government.
    Open everything up to public, give him a fair chance to justify what he might have done and then, judge by that.



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