Little Bird told me… OK, Michael Bane announced it.

A new season of Gun Stories is being filmed. I am a  big fan of the show and I don’t think I have missed an episode. Joe Mantegna is not only a great actor and narrator but also a Gun Guy. Check him out and what he carries in Criminal Minds.

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And I am guessing we will be having an episode about the Guns of the Rough Riders and/or San Juan Hill by the picture.

Am I an expert on the guns of the Spanish-American War? Hardly. But I know them because of a Made-For-TV movie. You may want to check out the two-part TV movie Rough Riders directed by John Millius, a stickler for authentic and period guns.  The whole thing is well acted and well produced. Not available in Amazon but if DVD form, no idea if it is available in other sources, but I promise you it will be a good time.

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