The “We’ve Always Been At War With Eastasia” files: Time Magazine Cover.

As a Baby Boomer (of sorts) and even down south, I was always bombarded by the Left about we should not piss off the Russians (specially during the Reagan Years) and that we should be more like the Russians, yada-yada-yada. And that their security services had us infiltrated at different levels including arts was just baloney

All of the sudden, Russia is bad. Its former KGB-now-President cannot be trusted, and Trump is some sort of either Sleeper Agent or Bribed national. Russia is bad… Russia has always been bad.


4 Replies to “The “We’ve Always Been At War With Eastasia” files: Time Magazine Cover.”

  1. Well to be fair, the left has stopped being enamored with Russia ever since it dropped Marxism. The left does enjoy coddling up with groups that hate the West, and so they found a new bed buddy: The Religion of Rest in Peace


  2. What’s more, there was never a “Red Phone” because it is considered important that the leaders of the US and Russia communicate with each other. Communication never solved anything. That’s what bombers are for.

    And that whole “Reset Button” thing with Hillary is just a mass delusion.

    Now – how many fingers am I holding up?


  3. TIME magazine ceased being useful a long time ago; maybe from its inception. To believe anything in it is to be divorced from reality. It has ZERO credibility.



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