This is how you get Tin Foil Hats and Black Helicopters.

Not saying one way or the other, but the information coming out of the Times Square Vehicle attack has been so mishandled, even I am starting to think cover up.

First they said (and rather fast, literally within 30 minutes of the event) that it was just a drunk driving incident. When it came out that the suspect blew a big fat zero in the BAC machine, the story changed to an armed robbery getaway gone wrong.

Not a video has been released and it looks like an aimed attack.. screw that, it does not look, it was.

The latest version is a Suicide by Cop attempt under the influence of Synthetic Marijuana.

Dear NYPD: Shut the hell up. shut the hell up of the assholes talking crap, do the investigation, present the evidence.

And take your time, we will wait.

4 Replies to “This is how you get Tin Foil Hats and Black Helicopters.”

  1. Problem is, if it was actual terrorism (of the religious kind, probably from one of those super peaceful ones) they will not say it. To do so would be to admit to several failed policies that the many politicians would rather keep in place. They are always casting about for other explanations, so now even events that really are not terrorism have their explanations covered with doubt.


  2. No wonder they’ve been smokescreening. That makes NYPD’s civic protection look downright incompetent. Dude floored it down the sidewalk for 3 blocks, bowling for pedestrians and almost killed every officer that approached him with his bare hands.



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