F**k you liberal elites

Miguel made a post yesterday National Gun Victims Action Council: Gay cousins eating burgers in Indiana or something like that, containing this image.

It reminded me of a post I saw over at Gay Patriot Do Hollywood Writers Know Any Actual Christians?

That post was about a Law & Order: SVU episode called Conversion  in which a church in Indiana encourages its straight members to rape of gay out of its gay members.

Yes, it did that.

I lived in Indiana for five years.  My wife is from Indiana.  My in-laws still live there.  On behalf of the Hoosier state: fuck you liberal elites to death.

I can just see the NBC writer’s room in Manhattan:

Writer 1: “We need a plot that it totally depraved and offensive.”

Writer 2: “How about we do an episode where a religious group uses rape as a form of punishment.  Like how in the Middle East women can be raped for not wearing their veils.”

Writer 3: “What the fuck [Writer 2]?  You can’t say shit like that about Muslims.  Make it about Christians.”

Writer 2: “OK, OK.  But Christians don’t wear veils.”

Writer 1: “But they hate gays, so how about they rape the gay out of them?”

Writer 2: “But nobody would believe a Church like that exists in New York.”

Writer 3: “They will if we set the Church in flyover country.”

Writer 1: “Yeah, Pence hates the gays, he wants to electrocute them.  He’s from Indiana, let’s set this in Indiana.  People will believe that shit happens over there.” 

SVU Viewer in NYC: “I can totally believe that there is a gay raping Church in Indiana.  That’s probably were Pence got married.”

SVU Viewer in Middle America: “Fuck New York.”

I am tired of this kind of libelous, hateful shit being spewed by a handful of people from NYC who have never traveled west of Philadelphia or south of Washington DC.

The elite of the North East Corridor has become Versailles under Louis the XVI.  It is a cesspool of out of touch, wealthy debauchery, that shows noting but patronizing contempt for everybody outside of it.



6 Replies to “F**k you liberal elites”

  1. They should do one where the feds set fire to a church in flyover country and kill everyone inside, then cover up the entire incident with a veneer of “we were just doing our jobs” and “oops”.


    1. It was to protect the children you know. Those kids that died during the assault were “acceptable losses” and “collateral damage” in Janet Reno’s mind.


  2. That couple gets a +1 for ammo commonality, but loses it right away for not having feed system commonality.

    This is basic logistics, people!



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