Gun Control Saves Cops! (No, not really)

So it seems they are back again trying to drive a wedge between us and the cops. And I say “trying” because the rank and file LEO does not buy the crap of gun owners are the same as armed criminals. And let’s not forget that Gun Control took the side of Black Lives Matter and crapped all over police officers across the nation.

And, of course, these are headlines we never see:

Good Samaritan with a Moms Demand/Everytown sign saves wounded cop.”

Dramatic moment hero CSGV Member insults a suspect who was battering police office and saves his life.


Texas Brady Campaign Man Saves Cop’s Life with a Long Speech against guns.

You will find the real headlines following the links.

2 Replies to “Gun Control Saves Cops! (No, not really)”

  1. Let them run with that narrative. I am unconcerned with the safety of state-employed rights-trashing henchthings.

    Incidentally, the only times I’ve ever gotten out of nonsense malum prohibitum road use tax were when I showed the jackboot in question my CCW.



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