Moms Demand Islam for America ? (Graphic)

Islam is a peaceful and inherently activist-based religion. And with the overarching goal of Moms Demand Action, to end gun violence, they go hand-in-hand. Both are empirical. Both are scientific. Both are contributions to the world Allah has given to us. It’s large in perspective, but the overall feeling is to do good for mankind.” – Lindsey Free-Donovan, Volunteer Chapter Leader of Georgia, Moms Demand Action

Source: Islam and Activism – Savannah Magazine

One simple comment in the form of a picture:

Yes, it is this beautiful example of “peaceful and inherently activist-based religion” that makes the Second Amendment and Gun Rights in general even more important.

Is there still any doubt the kind of  “Opposition” we have? Do you need a secret decoding ring to figure out what they want and the allies they are willing to take to win?

Hat Tip Jeff A.

5 Replies to “Moms Demand Islam for America ? (Graphic)”

  1. Islam is the anti-Christ religion. Anyone who follows it is eternally damned.

    So, the Left aligning with it makes perfect sense. They are both anti-liberty and evil.


  2. Any “religion” that sole purpose it to kill all those who do not convert to that “religion” is not no nor has it ever been a peaceful “religion”. Muzzies have killed more “non-believers” through out history than the ‘non-believers” will ever kill.



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