Apparently Gun Control pays rather well.

Take a look at this humble 4 bedroom, 5 bathroom side of the mountain abode located tat 1145 Timber Ln Boulder, CO 80304.

A nd that is just a taste, you can see more pics of the little mountain cottage here.

However, it is not for sale, it was bought in 2014 by measly $2,275,000 (Yes, that is seven figures) and according to Boulder County records, the owners are:

Yes! John and Shannon R Watts formerly of Zionsville IN!

I am not gonna say that all those trinkets, t-shirts and fundraisers from Moms Demand went to pay for this palatial Rockies’ place. I am sure their old art gallery business was sold at a premium because it made crazy money in Indiana.

And to say that it pays to be the puppet of Michael Bloomberg would be pure unfounded speculation, so don’t.

Thanks to John R.

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  1. “Everybody has a price. The important thing is to find out what it is.”
    — Pablo Escobar, drug lord and narco-terrorist

    Bloomie learned well from good ol’ Pablo, as he found Shannon’s.


  2. I’m glad you didn’t say that it pays to be the puppet of Michael Bloomberg. And I certainly wouldn’t say that it pays to be the puppet of Michael Bloomberg, and I fervantly hope that no one else says it pays to be the puppet of Michael Bloomberg. Because I agree, saying that it pays to be the puppet of Michael Bloomberg is pure speculation.


  3. Look at all that glass! Think how cold it gets on that mountain! Can you imagine a $2,000 per month electric bill? I wonder if any of their friends call them out for contributing to global warming?


  4. I can’t wait to see her “I’m in touch with the middle class because I was a suburban stay-at-home mom shtick.”

    Can we hit any more stereotypes than the wealthy, well connected, mansion owning elite who wants to tell us all how to live in his/her/xir little fiefdom.


  5. Title should probably have read “Apparently Being a Gun Control Shill Pays VERY Well”.
    I’d be ‘interested’ to see who actually paid for that ‘shack’. AFAIK no one has yet determined how much bloomie is paying the queen of the demanding moms.


  6. From a post I did last year:
    From their 2014 or ‘15 returns.

    The classic ‘Violence Policy Center’, Josh Sugarmann and Kristen Rand: $300k/year

    Ceasefire PA, Shira Goodman :$$100,575
    Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV): Josh Horwitz: $125,000

    Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence, Colleen Daley: $110,750

    MomsRising Education Fund
    Kristin Roowe-Finkbeiner (president) $154,000
    Julie Hanamura (treasurer): $115,000

    Brady Campaign:
    Dan Gross; $400,000
    The 8 other execs rake in nearly $950,000 combined, not including what Sarah Brady was getting (another $100k+)

    Now in comparison, let’s take a look at a couple of pro-rights groups:
    Illinois State Rifle Assoc: Richard Pearson ; $87,000 (an organization w/ 15-20,000 actual members and multiple facilities.)
    Virginia Citizens Defense League, Phillip Van Cleave ; $61,800
    Second Amendment Foundation (funds similar to Brady Campaign)
    Joe Tartaro; $28,471
    Alan Gottlieb; $43, 602



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