Last night Comedy Central debuted an one-hour special: Jordan Klepper Solves Guns.

I watched it.  It was an hour of Poe’s Law.

The special opens with Jordan Klepper explaining in detail that he is an East Cost progressive.

“I’m enlightened, I’m progressive, and I feel like I was put on this earth to enact righteous change, AKA, I’m a 2017 comedian.”

This last part was painfully self aware.

Samantha Bee did a terrible job convincing people that she wasn’t a smug liberal by being a smug liberal on CNN with Jake Tapper making this face:

Bee, like Klepper, is a veteran of The Daily Show.  Even the New York Times had to admit that Samantha Bee’s not funny but preachy and self-righteous brand of progressive comedy rubbed people such the wrong way that it helped cost Hillary Clinton the election.

Not 30 seconds into the special, Klepper admits that he’s from the Samantha Bee ilk.

Then he says he wants to solve guns.  Not gun crime.  Guns.  His show is about trying to convince America to give up its guns.

This is the same guy that called the NRAAM the “Comic-Con of Death.”  He admits he hates guns.

It gets worse from there.

Within the first six minutes, he pushes the NRA blood libel (yes, I’m going to start calling it that) that 1) politicians are held hostage/controlled by the NRA, and 2) the NRA is responsible for America’s gun crime.

Then, in typical Daily Show interview gotcha tactics, he tells an NRA official right to his face that guns are for men with little dicks.

He wants to meet some gun owners so uses the SPLC website to track down the Georgia Militia.  Because of course that is what a progressive who wants to make enemies with the Heartland does.  Later when he tries to swing the opinion of a “moderate” gun owner, he writes anti gun messages on a car and goes around a track with it because gun owners love NASCAR (his words).

He jumps from liberal stereotype about gun owners to liberal stereotype about gun owners.  But he knows they are stereotypes.  He has to know he’s not approaching these people like people, and is only going to rub them the wrong way.

He fakes wanting to learn about guns so meets up with up with tactifool Pat McNamara.  Why?  Because rather than find a good firearms instructor, he finds a YouTube idiot.

If I were going to do a parody about about an out-of-touch, Liberal comedian from NYC who tries to ban guns, I’m not sure I would have done a single thing differently.

For all the talking he does about the 33K gun deaths in the US, he never talks about Chicago’s crime issue, “Snitches Get Stitches” in Baltimore, or any of the other locales where gun crime is a real problem.

He hates guns, he says that several times, and so he goes after law abiding gun owners.

Towards the end he tries to push that he has a big win that most Americans support background checks, but doesn’t differentiate between background checks as we have them now and the most extreme form of universal background check regulation that anti-gunners want.

It wasn’t funny.  It was obnoxious.

It wasn’t going to win hearts and minds.  It was something for Blue State liberals who already agree with him to watch and feel good about.

It was Comedy Central going full ESPN on the issue of guns.

Considering the ratings drop of ESPN since it started getting into politics, I have a bit of advice for Comedy Central.

4 Replies to “Full ESPN”

  1. The so-called “Comedy Central” has been a wretched hive of liberal stupidity for too long. I say let them hang from the rope they made for themselves like ESPN.


  2. I DVRed it so was going to cry “spoiler alert!” But honestly there is nothing in your summary/review that I didn’t expect to see when I watch it later.

    My question is, who are the pro-gun comedians other than the guy who does that “Alex Jones” persona/carciacture on Infowars?


  3. They go after law abiding gun owners because law abiding people don’t kill you for the fun of it

    If he went to Chicago and talked to gangbangers on the street he may end up dead



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