New Normal

Not 24 hours previously, I wrote a post detailing how the media bent over backwards to ignore the inconvenient fact that the Pulse nightclub shooting was an act of Islamic Terrorism.  I then remembered that I had written a similar post back in January covering an attempt by DC comics to rewrite the Pulse shooting into an anti-Conservative narrative.

In the last three months I have as many posts covering Left Wing on campus violence.  Students at Evergreen State hitting people with bats for not sufficiently believing in Social Justice.  A professor bashing people with a bike lock and another calling for the mas murder of Republicans.

This morning a raging Bernie Bro opened fire on the GOP baseball team during practice.  Congressman Steve Scalise was hit and is in critical condition two police officers were also wounded in the attack.

Immediately, our betters on the Left circled the wagons around The Narrative.

Shannon Watts, continuing to push her third wave feminist brand of anti-gun activism where women are always the victims of men and husbands and boyfriends are the most dangerous thing in a woman’s life, put this gem on Twitter.

Of course this had nothing to do with Hodgkinson’s raging anti-Trump/anti-GOP opinion.  He was a man, and men beat women, and after they are done with that, they shoot people.  QED.

Shaun King went to his corner and just blamed white people in general.

If that was the worst of it, you underestimate the hatred of the Left.

Chris Matthews, who blamed Sarah Palin for the Gabby Giffords shorting by an apolitical crazy person, tried to create empathy for Hodgkinson.

Newsweek on the other hand, tried to take sympathy away from Representative Scalise by linking him to Trump.

But for read depravity, you have to turn away from the professional journalists and to social media.

Shooting Republican members of the House was justified because of healthcare reform.

This was not a lone opinion.

Others tried to justify the shooting on the grounds of the Republican support for gun rights.

In response to this old Tweet by Senator Paul:

This was said:

Of course, there were calls or encouragement for more of this type of violence.

Welcome to 2017.

When we are attacked by radical Islamic terrorists, the Left whitewashes it and hand waves it away.  Nothing to see here, don’t be an Islamophobe.

When Antifa is punching people and calling them NAZIS, the Mayor of Berkeley supports them, and gives police the order not to interfere with their actions.  Then the media explains why in the age of Trump, Left Wing violence is justified.

And when there is an attempted mass murder of Republican members of Congress, the Republicans were asking for it with their support of gun rights and healthcare reform.  Maybe even a few more should be killed.

This cannot be the new normal.

The Left cannot stack the bodies high and then explain it all away.

The millions of Americans in Middle America and the people they elect as our Representatives are not fodder for neo Brownshirt goons.  We are not going to let ourselves be attacked and then told that our skirt was too short our politics were wrong.

This cannot be allowed to happen.


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