Inside the asylum

I watched episode of Vice that covered the protests at Evergreen State and I just had to make a quick post about it.

Watch the preview:

Call me prejudiced, but every single one of those kids interviewed on the side of the protesters was a freak show.

The hair colors, very visible tattoos, face piercings and makeup, the finger snapping instead of clapping; it all add up to make each one of those kids an unemployable disaster.  Even if they majored in something useful.


It’s like the coloration of poison dart frogs.

It screams “I’m a toxic death monster, don’t interact we me at all.”

8 Replies to “Inside the asylum”

  1. Finger snapping instead of clapping? That’s a thing? I can remember when finger snapping was prevalent in movies with beatniks. Where’s Maynard G. Krebs when you need him.


  2. That’s all of them. I didn’t recognize them in the video but it’s the same feminists hippo in the purplw and striped mumu, and black trender tranny with the pink shit on his head. Not are they unemployable how the look but they are violent thugs at the same time.


  3. I find it interesting to note how all of the students refer to the professor as “Bret,” rather than “Professor/Doctor/Mister Weinstein” or even just “Weinstein.” They also refer to the university president as “George.”

    I’m only 36, hardly an ancient relic, having only wrapped up my days in college only ten years ago. I’d never have even considered referring to one of the faculty by their given name.

    We need to send in Sidney Poitier’s Mr. Thackeray to knock some manners into these delinquents.



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