Just quit with the Victim Blaming crap.

In a discussion about the case of Philando Castile in Facebook, I happened to mention that in my opinion, both sides made mistakes that led to the death of Castile. It was on response to the bullshit that now is riding too many circles that Castile did nothing wrong other than being black with a gun who fell victim to the prejudice of a racist cop, that the cop is Hispanic somehow was failed to mention.  Liberal guy ignores the assesment and pulls out a tired old “Get Out Of Responsibility” card.

This was my reply:

So, what you are saying is that once a tag of “victim’ has been attached to an individual, he or she ceases to have any responsibility for things he/she might have done in that case?

Victim Blaming is a pernicious concept. It is basically intellectual laziness and intellectual dishonesty waved as a badge of false honor. The refusal to acknowledge that certain behaviors could have been different or better decision making was wrong just because somehow it does not conform to chosen politics is asinine. With tragic events like the Castile killing, we should strive to figure out what was done by all parties and come up with way to fix them so we reduce the probability of deaths in the future.

Yell “FUCK DA POLICE!” and close your mind to fix things achieves nothing more than adding more corpses to the pile. Then again, there are some groups that love nothing more than corpses being piled up for both political and fundraising reasons.

And that is all I have to say about Victim Blaming.

PS: However, the best (or stupidest) post was done by a fellow Liberal of the Victim Blaming guy. Kinda tells you how much info he got on the Castile case, from what sources and how much her processed.

4 Replies to “Just quit with the Victim Blaming crap.”

  1. I was just as popular when I would point out that Yanez was likely acquitted because the prosecution’s star witness ruined her own credibility when among other things she claimed their hands were up a la Michael Brown in her Facebook livestream and she had to admit under oath that that wasn’t true.


  2. Too often our society excuses poor judgment as “victim blaming.” Yes, innocent people are arrested and sometimes roughed up. However, in this case, if Mr. Castile had complied with the officer’s orders, assuming he in fact had a concealed carry permit, the worst that would have happened would have been a trip to a holding cell until things could be straightened out. Just because you are in the right doesn’t mean you should be stupid if death is on the line.


  3. Collectivist only look at the identities of the players involved, and assign guilt and innocence based solely on the group.
    -A communist will automatically assume the representative of the Bourgeoisie power structure is guilty.
    -A racialist will automatically assume their preferred color is innocent.
    -A SJW will look at intersectional factors, and assign innocence to whichever group has the most historical oppression points

    Point is, if one is not looking at the facts, and only the fact, one is a collectivist.



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