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Milwaukee police on Saturday identified the 72-year-old man who died in a fire at a north-side rooming house on Friday as Willie O. Greer. Police are investigating the incident as an arson and homicide and are seeking a female suspect. Witnesses said a woman smashed several windows of the house near W. Wright and N. 12th Street, poured what appeared to be gasoline inside and set it on fire around 7:30 p.m. Friday.When firefighters arrived at the scene, the first floor fully engulfed in flames. Once inside the burning house, emergency responders found the man, who was pronounced dead at the scene. A Facebook Live video posted on Friday, which has since been deleted, corroborates the witness accounts. It also shows some of the witnesses rushing to try to help the man trapped in the burning house. One witness said the woman asked them for a lighter to ignite the fire, but they refused.

Source: Milwaukee police identify victim in suspected arson and homicide

This is why arson is considered a Forcible Felony in Florida which allows you to used deadly force to stop it. If my memory serves right, out of the top 5 Mass Killings in the USA, fire was the tool of choice in at least three with explosives being the second. Guns still comes a distant third (9/11 deaths not included)

One gallon of gasoline was the weapon. As of this morning, the average price of gas in Milwaukee was $2.15, no background checks, no laws against felons or mentally handicapped to buy gas. In less than thirty seconds, that particular room was totally engulfed and the next room was already in flames. No assault weapon and no amount of “High Capacity Magazine Clips” could cause that much damage and certainly not in such a short time.

People was still laughing it off and nobody can be heard demanding a call to 911. Somebody else jumps out of a window and it is only them the magnitude of what is going on starts to sink in, but still you can’t hear anybody asking for rescue. By the first minute is when it sinks in that maybe something has to be done to stop the fire and some ask for a water hose, but I think by them it was too late, at least for the first floor. People know that there is somebody else on that apartment and now is when it strikes that maybe he needs rescue. They start taking down the front door one minute and twenty-five seconds after the fire was started, but by then it was too late.

Here is video of the house destroyed by the fire with some footage of the fire being fought.

What do we get from all this: Have a plan and that includes how to escape a fire in your home. Using this video as reference, that whole place was condemned in less than a minute and you might be lucky if you have that much. And no, your Home Depot fire extinguisher is not gonna stop a gallon of gas.

You cannot depend on anybody, neighbors included. You are on your own. Your neighbors are not trained and in some cases are not capable of absorbing and processing the information. Their OODA loop is at best a lower case “u” with no crayons available to complete the circle.

Hopefully you have learned that logical thinking does not work on some people or simply they do not care about consequences to others. The respect you have for life, your understanding that life is sacred and not to be risked or wasted simply is not an issue for some people.  If you die, if somebody dies, they simply do not give a shit and the only measure of care for the loss of that life is if they get punished by society for it, not because their morality injects a dose of remorse in their heads as they have none.

And last, don’t forget they live among us and you can’t tell if they are sane or they are psychopaths till it is too late and your home is becoming a kamado grill.

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  1. Remember: psychopaths are 4% of the population. That’s 1 in 25. They are born that way, they never change, and they can’t be cured. Many are clever enough to act like normal people, so they can blend in. They have zero ability to empathize with normal humans. They get no satisfaction from friends or family. Many of them hate normal people because they cannot feel emotion as we do. For these types, the only joy in their lives are the “kicks” that they get from disrupting other humans’ contentment or pleasure. These are the people that you’ve known who do things that make you wonder: ” why did they do that?”
    Avoid them.


  2. Listen to the bystanders in the first video.

    Don’t they sound like they are having a great time? Sounds like a party is about to start? Maybe have a BBQ? Ooops!



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