His Majesty’s D*ck

My wife wasn’t the biggest fan of my last post, as tongue-in-cheek as I tried to make it.  So as a reprieve, I’m going to let out my usual rage monster.

The Emperor’s New Clothes is a children’s story by Hans Christian Andersen.  In it, two con artists sucker a king out of his money by “selling” him an beautiful suit of clothes that is invisible to stupid people.  The king can’t see the clothes, but doesn’t want to seem stupid, so plays that he can see the clothes.  He throws a parade to show off his new suit and all the people ooh and ahh, pretending they can see the suit too so they don’t seem stupid.  The hero of the story is the little kid that is the first to say the king is naked and reveal the con.

It feels like in the current, post modern era, we are living in the universe of The Emperor’s New Clothes.

This is the Romphim.  It is a romper for men.  There is not a single man in middle America who goes to work and does something productive for society that would be wear that.  Ever.

This is a picture from Fashion Week.  It is the ugliest thing I’ve seen.  What woman in middle America would do that to her face, unless she was suffering from severe daddy issues?


Here is a video about how terrible modern art is.

Here is a picture of Kathy Griffin doing post modern comedy.

Emma “Mattress Girl” Sulkowicz, no longer in the spotlight for promoting a rape hoax, is now a performance artist with a BDSM show about Trump.

What is it that we are told about high fashion and modern art?  If you don’t understand it it is because you are not sophisticated enough.

Here a bunch of unemployable gender studies major SJWs from Evergreen State looking like a bunch of clowns about to bash your Nazi face in.

Why were they protesting? Because they got called out for wanting to kick white people off campus because that is discrimination and segregation.

Obama wanted us in the Paris Accords which would have cost the US over $2.5 Trillion and MAYBE cause a reduction in global climate change by 0.05 degrees 100 years from now.

This was the same president that pushed healthcare reform that was insolvent from the start.

This is the same ideology that tells us that Islamic Terrorism is caused by poverty and “Western imperialism” and has nothing to do with Islam.

Have you ever noticed how all these types of people tend to hand out together?  Hillary Clinton, Lena Dunham, Obama, Anna Wintour?

Modern Progressive society is a bunch of wealthy people, who think they are kings, hanging out together, living in a bubble where they think all their ideas are the best.  It’s all a farce but they all buy into it.

When someone calls them out on their bad ideas, they react, sometimes violently.  They say that the people who don’t understand them are stupid, knuckle dragging, provincial, fly-over state, rubes, who are racist and bigoted.

Here’s the thing.  We can all see the king’s dick.  He’s waving it in the breeze and we’re sick and tired of having to say how nice his suit is when all we can focus on is wrinkly royal ballsack.

We’re tired of being berated and attacked for wanting to address real issues.

You wan’t to understand the Red State/Blue State divide?  Here is is.

We’re done with seeing the king’s dick and really need him to put on some fucking pants.

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