You are not a cop, nor paid to be one. 

FISHERS, Ind. – Fishers police arrested a gas station clerk for intimidation after they say he held a shoplifting suspect at gunpoint. Police received a call about a theft at the BP gas station near the intersection of East 131st Street and SR 37 around 10:45 a.m. on Tuesday. Police tell FOX59 that a man suspected of shoplifting walked out of the BP, and the clerk decided to follow him outside of the store. That’s when police say the clerk pulled a gun on the suspected shoplifter.Police arrested the shoplifting suspect for theft, and they also arrested the clerk for intimidation.

Source: Fishers gas station clerk arrested for intimidation after police say he held theft suspect at gunpoint | Fox 59

The title of the post is a bad parraphrase from Jim Cirillo’s quote

”You are not sworn to endanger your life to apprehend a dangerous criminal, nor you are paid to do it.”

And to get your gun out to rescue a Twinkie is just plain stupid and full of consequences you will be tasting soon enough.

Let’s say this was a violation of The Rules Of Stupid.

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3 Replies to “You are not a cop, nor paid to be one. ”

  1. Yeah…bad plan.

    Most states only allow citizens arrest in the case of felonies. What’s stolen from a gas station is not likely to amount to a felony.

    And even then, you can’t just escalate to deadly force (or threat of it) for no reason even during a legal arrest.

    Bad from multiple angles.


  2. Lots of bad can come from this kind of stupid.
    -Sumdood could have an armed buddy in the car- the one the clerk doesn’t see.
    -Sumdood could walk towards the clerk and say something to the effect of “go ahead and shoot me!”, which leads to either a gun grab, or if you shoot him, a BLM screw job.


  3. Better to unholster your phone camera than your weapon. Pictures of the suspect and pictures of his vehicle are a better idea. Ideally from INSIDE! After you lock the doors.

    If I ever witness a robbery at the store, bank, or restaurant, I intend to be a good WITNESS only. I don’t care if it is the second Lufthansa $10 million heist. The only way things change is if they start moving any of us to the secondary crime scene.

    The best definition of a secondary crime scene is “That is where they find the bodies.”



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