Bloomberg trying to bait the NRA into going racial.

ST. LOUIS –  A black St. Louis police officer, who was off duty when he heard a commotion near his home and tried to help fellow officers arrest three black suspects, was shot by a white officer who did not recognize him, police said.

Source: Black off-duty St. Louis officer shot by white officer | Fox News

Can we finally agree that the whole sudden rush to call Philando Castille a martyr and shame on the NRA for not saying anything is a fucking sham set up by our opponents? And can we please stop helping them?

Everytown and Moms Demand are pushing hard on their version of Black Lives Matters, so really they don’ care for cops either unless they could be used to “shame” the NRA into getting in Race Politics.

Gun Control groups are very much aware that Gun Owners and Law Enforcement have a decent relationship. While the Police leadership in urban areas is very political and almost lock-steps with the Democrat machine, the rank and file officer is Pro Gun. The Opposition knows it needs to drive a wedge between both groups in order to advance their goals. It does not help them that the officer on the street tell people not to count on them to arrive on time to save them and that they need to protect themselves.

So please, stop helping the enemy. Don’t fall for political grandstanding because it might be cool or fits some stupid preconceived idea of what we must do.

We do not do racial politics, we do Bill of Rights.
We are the Gun Culture.

4 Replies to “Bloomberg trying to bait the NRA into going racial.”

  1. I don’t know what happened in ST Louis. A friendly fire incident is terrible for all involved. I just want to know how the downed officer acted before he was shot? Did he have his badge out? Did he identify himself as a cop while approaching? If the Castille case teaches us anything, it’s that when uniform cops have their guns out, you treat them like wild animals. No fast moves or any sign of aggression.


    1. He was originally was ordered on the ground by other officers and complied. Then they recognized him and said he could get up. When a freshly arriving officer (not aware of who he was) saw him get up he interpreted it as aggressive noncompliance and fired.


  2. “When a freshly arriving officer (not aware of who he was) saw him get up he interpreted it as aggressive noncompliance and fired.”

    THAT is a failure of training. Aren’t WE (CCL holders) constantly being admonished to understand in totality what the situation REALLY is before injecting our noses into places? Why not cops arriving at a scene in progress?

    IMHO, police today have been over-trained to shoot first and THEN sort it out, rather than understand what is really going on. It’s the whole “we just want to go home at the end of our shift” mantra, and it’s gotten out of control. Well guess what? EVERYONE ELSE WANTS TO GO HOME TOO…… (well, most everyone else does.)

    The interwebs aren’t the only place that stupid myths are perpetuated. They are spread in cop academies too. Especially the one about having to take the firearms away from a CCL holder after he has positively been identified as such, “for the officer’s safety”. Since CCL holders (as a group) are 7 times less likely to commit felonies than COPS (as a group), I’d say it’s time to retire that load of BS. Seems I have more to fear from being shot error-ently by cops, than they have of being shot by ME.



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