Eye of the Tiger

Antifa in Chicago has started a fight club training group to teach Leftists “self defense.”  It is for Antifa and other “marginalized groups” no Right Wingers allowed.

The video of their training is priceless.  Look at these gender neutral puds throwing wimpy air punches.

They don’t need to tell me that they are a safe space for people who are not part of the “hetero-normative macho gym culture,” their body language is screaming it.

This video is even more pathetic than the Antifa John Brown Gun Club one.

But I’m going to give the same warning as I did before.  They are training.  They are practicing.  Sure, none of these people are going to turn into the next Ronda Rousey, but they don’t need to.  They just need to be able to throw one punch hard enough that when they get a lucky shot in, it does some damage.

They are preparing to tussle.  Are you?


5 Replies to “Eye of the Tiger”

  1. While I would not consider myself the most-prepared individual, I think many on both ends of the spectrum are in for rude awakenings when their abilities are shown to be lacking when real-world conflicts rear their pointy fangs.



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