Blood boiling tweet

I saw this tweet reposted online.  I think it made me angrier than any other single tweet I’ve ever seen.

Bradley Manning is a coward and a piece of shit.  He joined the military for all the wrong reasons and showed none of what is expected with thee Army’s esprit de corps.  

He leaked information to Wikileaks that got other soldiers killed, and was by all measure Treason.  I do not say that lightly, the way Liberals throw that word around.

While in prison, Manning exhibited the symptoms of a severe mental illness and the progressive rot that the Obama admin infected our military with meant that Manning got treatment at the taxpayer expense to accommodate his sexual delusion.  Now that he was freed by Obama, he remains in the military to receive further taxpayer dollars for this goal.

He has become a hero of the Progressive Left, and like many (all)  Leftists he believes that the rich pay too little in taxes towards cradle-to-grave government.


But it is his last sentence that enrages me.  “We should make them.”

Government is force.  I don’t feel like paying to accommodate this traitor’s mental illness.  So he wants to send men with guns to take my money from me.  With force.  To line his pockets and pay for his Progressive whims.  With force.

If he wants my money so bad, he can pick up a gun and come to my house and take it himself.  If what was written about his time at basic is true, I have nothing to fear from this sniveling freak.

Like every Leftists he hates his countrymen more than the actual enemy.

He leaked to Wikileaks because he didn’t like how much violence the US Army was using on insurgents in Iraq.

He has no problem sending men with guns to kill his fellow countrymen for their money.

Fuck.  This.  Guy.

4 Replies to “Blood boiling tweet”

  1. In addition, he’s an idiot because it only takes about two seconds of web search to show that the bottom 52% of the public (by income) doesn’t pay taxes, and the highest income earners pay for everything. The top 10% of incomes pay 70% of all tax revenue.

    So he’s not just treasonous, he’s a treasonous moron.


  2. This is one place where saying “Fuck. This. Guy.” is really not more severe than saying, “To. Hell. With. This. Guy.” because it could send entirely the wrong message considering her transition to being Chelsea instead of Bradley.

    *I’M* not screwing him.



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