Double Standards does Dallas

Miguel has been doing a good job tracking how Lefty anti-gun groups have been slowly drifting to anti-cop.

It’s more and more obvious that all of these groups are just different faces to a Progressive Leftist hydra.  The Democrats openly supported Black Lives Matter at their convention despite the anti-cop rhetoric they were shouting.   BLM is now merging with LBGT who are both aligning with Radical Islam, which is aligned with Feminism, while being anti-Semitic.

So lo and behold that Moms Demand Action posted this on Friday.

Way to whitewash the hell out what happened.

First of all, the Dallas Protest was more of a riot, and was far from peaceful.

The shooter was a radical, racist, who wanted revenge against police for the high profile shootings of black men, urged on by Black Lives Matter rhetoric.

Reading the MDA tweet, you’d think that the shooting had nothing to do with radical Leftist politics.  It was probably just some white, racist, CCW holder who was mad that the police were protecting a MKL-esque civil rights march.

This is no different than the reaction to the Congressional Baseball Shooting.  Violent Leftist listens to violent Leftist message, shoots people, the Leftists who encouraged it use the event to call for more Lefty gun control.

Sorry, but I’m not buying it.

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