Brits shocked about Americans not using Egg Cups

The abominable revelation made Metro UK and has the Cousins up in a tizzy. Apparently this is an incredible breach of culinary etiquette from us Colonials and they will probably seek the UN to impose sanctions on us for that and for making sweet tea out of bags, in fact for making any tea from bags.

Bu do we really give a damn about proper serving rules from people who sell deep-fried fish and fries wrapped in newspapers?

Hat tip John B.

9 Replies to “Brits shocked about Americans not using Egg Cups”

  1. I have a few British friends that visit occasionally and they do not care about stupid s*** like that. You dont see them bitching in Mexico when a local restaurant serves them eggs rolled in a tortilla or huevos rancheros in a plate.

    To this dumbass SJW “heterocentaur” from across the pond: piss off, you bloody wanker.


  2. We also drive on the right side of the road.

    Restricting ourselves to the dinner table, most Americans also use our knife and fork differently from them as well.



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