When I hear people talking about US Police Brutality.

If you think you are living in Gestapo times because you get pulled over and asked for your Drivers License, you are a moron. Add double measure if you make it racial.

I saw shit like this happen plenty and escaped myself a couple of times.

What is missing from this video is sound: Once you hear flesh and bones being abused, you do not forget it.

5 Replies to “When I hear people talking about US Police Brutality.”

    1. Not really, but with all the useless protest marches in Venezuela and so many people getting their asses kicked…
      They have killed upwards of 50 people in the last 100 days or so


  1. That it is far worse elsewhere is no reason to turn a blind eye to abuses here. And there are real abuses here; the “warrior cop” mentality leaked it inevitable.

    Sorry. I cannot line up behind cops just because they are cops. And it is entirely appropriate and necessary to object at the first infringement of our liberties, however small.


  2. Objecting to infringments on liberty is not a bad thing. There are good and bad EVERYONE, not just cops. I am so sick and tired of the “America sux ” crowd, eeeeeewww Americas racist, Americas too white, Americas too brutal,mean,homophobic,blah blah fukkin blah.. Where else in the world can you go and spew crap like that and not get thrown in prison or killed? Are all us white rasist homphobic islamaphobists throwing gays/blacks/muslims off buildings? Or stoning them or beheading them?? If you are so filled with hate for everything America stands for, WTF are you DOING here??? Why dont you run to one of those socialist utopias that dont exist? End of rant… we real Americans are living and working every day to support our families and our way of life. Those of us with a brain listen to those that came here from those socialist utopias and LEARN from them. Thank you Miguel.



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