Dear Hollywood

I found myself with some free time on Sunday morning.  I started to watch The Mist on OnDemand.

I liked the book and wanted to try the TV show.

I’m 15 minutes in and know exactly why Trump won.

One of the main characters is a teacher.  In the first 5 minutes, she gets fired for teaching her students some aspect of sex ed that the school board said was off limits.  Well, she knew better and the parents that complained are portrayed as the bad guys.

The nest scene, a kid all goth looking is at the dinner table.  His dad is ignoring him.  Mom says “you know your father can’t hear you when you’re wearing makeup.”

Dad is supposed to be a conservative, small town, narrow minded asshole.

The scene after that, they are all at the small town football game and said goth kid is lecturing everyone in earshot about straight, white, male privilege and how the black players in the NFL are oppressed.

The goth kid and the teacher’s daughter sneak off to a party.  The goth kid says – in reference to hooking up at the party – “I’m not attracted to gender, I’m attracted to personality.”


If my kid came home all gothed up and lectured me about my straight, white, male privilege, while eating the food I paid for under the roof I paid for, I don’t think I’d be particularly tolerant of that either.

Every person in the small town is depicted as a hateful, violent, conservative, closed minded, bigot.  The cops are brutal.  The townspeople all sneer at each other in judgement.  It is like a evil version of Leave it to Beaver.

It’s small town American according to Hollywood Social Justice Leftists.

In real life, of course, it is the makeup wearing, gender bending, SJW’s that are beating up the normals.

It’s so bad, I’m having a hard time making it through the setup and into the monster horror.  I’m about to abandon this show by the second commercial break of the first episode.  The Mist was one of my favorite Stephen King novels too, right after The Stand.

Just in case any Hollywood type ever reads this blog:

Knock that shit off.  Small town America is actually a very nice place.  We don’t hate our neighbors every second of ever day.  For the hundred million Americans between the coasts, goth kid is the shithead and hard working, blue collar dad is the hero.

Take a queue from Marvel.  They went all SJW in the comics and sales tanked.  I’m happy to watch old episodes of Futurama on Netflix.  If you continue to bash me over the head with this Leftist bullshit, I’m just going to stop watching anything new and enjoy my reruns.  Then who is going to suffer.  Not me, I’ll be happy.  It will be you and your sales.

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  1. Stephen King isn’t a bad writer, but he’s not the legend he’s become. The reason he gets his stuff turned into films and TV is he plays to the movie -makers prejudices. Granted, the original story isn’t as extreme as the TV series appears to be, but the original film hit all his tropes, as well.


    1. I grew up reading Stephen King books, and there are several I consider to be my favorites. However, it’s heartbreaking when he opens his mouth or gives interviews. The guy has long hated the NRA and gun culture, and is currently suffering from a severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome. So it doesn’t surprise me that a movie based on his book would be all things liberal.


  2. Apparently DC has picked up the mantle. Against advice, I continued to watch ‘Arrow’ past S3. Just caught the gun control episode in S5. While they tried to be ‘balanced’ the whole thing was a load of crap and their solution was a unicorn fart. First thing they did was blatantly lie about an AR being fully auto then called firearm rights advocates ‘stupid’. Bumper sticker arguments one after another. I was going to do a post but when looking up some info, even the lefty rags tore it apart right after it first aired.


  3. Ever notice that the Cohen brothers are some of the few directors that don’t make rural America out to be a bunch of stoopid racist?


  4. Thank you for saving me the effort to even screen it. I was unlikely to to do so; now I can just flush it away like sewage.

    Like you said, this is why Trump won and this will go into the future. We are tired of fathers being portrayed as imbeciles. We want to ignore the color of your skin, but liberals are obsessed with it. We want to lead normal, happy lives and do not appreciate your sexual depravity force fed to us. We will not tolerate Fake News and the constant stream of lies, so they have zero credibility and we hate them.

    So, what can we do? Severely limit what we watch and spend our free time reloading ammunition…


  5. Actually, if I recall the plot of *The Mist* correctly, wasn’t the protagonist screwing his inamorata right there in the grocery store with monsters just outside, and wasn’t the villainess of the story a born-again Christian that tried to have him killed by her little squad of apocalyptic minions?


    1. Yes, the human antagonist was the crazy “Christian” woman, but she was far more “Westboro Baptist Church” than “small town, goes to Church on Sundays and is a member of the lady’s knitting circle” actual christian. Nobody likes the screaming street preacher.

      We had one in the small town in Indiana where I lived. He literally dragged around a wooden cross on wheels, reenacting the Passion, and handed out antisemitic literature. He did this all the time on Indiana State U’s campus (being a state school, it was open to the public). He ran a “church” out of his house because no other church in town would have him.

      It is the portrayal of the everyman townsfolk as awful, judgmental, repressive bigots, that bothers me.


  6. I spent most of my summers in Bridgton Maine, and several winters, as my Great Grandparents lived there (and until my teen years!) And it was none of those things then, and it’s Southern Maine, likely the town voted for Clinton, if it wasn’t a Bernie Haven.

    Of course King knows this because he lived there too, though likely he was so messed up on booze and coke to trust his memories.



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