Black Lives Matter and the Law of Unintended Consequences

Although not the perfect solution by far, Body Cams for police officers have been a great resource to get facts and set the narrative straight from the media avalanche of bull that usually follows a “controversial” shooting. Same as dash cams many years ago, those who demanded the cameras the most, ended up hating the darned things because they  no longer were able to lie as freely as before to get political advantage.

One of the groups demanding a bigger “accountability” for cops is Black Lives Matter and all the other racially motivated groups that are now under the umbrella The Movement for Black Lives feeding on the “Popo just killing innocent black men because racist pigs!”



Interesting enough, if you were to visit their site  and read where it says “End the War on Black People.” your jaw will surely drop when you read one of their demands on particular:

Yes! They do not want cops to be wearing Body Cams anymore! Because racism! Or because more often than not, body cams have shown that the claims issued by BLM are full of shit.

There is n o doubt that police departments are getting smarter about Social Media and understand the concept of Fake Media. I suspect that many timely releases of Body Cam video depend on the relationship they have with local paper and TV stations and if it is not the best, they will wait till they slip the noose around their own necks before pulling the rope tight and making them look like fools and liars.

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3 Replies to “Black Lives Matter and the Law of Unintended Consequences”

  1. We just had one of these in Alabama.

    A black man ended up in the hospital after a run-in with police. His family said they “beat him to death” and were gearing up for a lawsuit.

    Turns out that the suspect had a warrant, was nabbed at a traffic stop, and tried to get away by jumping off an overpass. It was all caught on camera. The Rainbow City, AL, police released the video to the media to refute the family’s claim.


  2. I hate to agree with anything published by the racist BLM, but they are correct about the Big Brother blanket surveillance of drones, license plate readers, and such. We do not need a police state.

    However, they are wrong about body cams. In that case, it is being used in the limited context of a police encounter where both sides are loikely kept on their best behavior.



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