Meaningless sloganeering

I saw this picture from the Women’s March against the NRA.

That is their slogan: “No one is safe unless everyone is safe.”

Can somebody tell me what the hell that means?

It is meaningless, feel-good drivel.  It makes no logical sense.

There are no guarantees in life, but when I lived in the Chicago Suburbs, I lived in a night neighborhood of other professional, middle and upper middle class homeowners.  Naperville, IL, was ranked as American’s safest city.    In 2015, Chicago had 509 homicides, Naperville had zero.

It wasn’t about guns or the NRA that made that happen.

Some gang member in Chicago wasn’t less safe because I had a handgun in Naperville.

Let’s look at the UK for a moment.  They banned guns.  They have all but banned knives.  Now the UK has had almost 500 acid attacks in 2015.  Unable to arm themselves with traditional weapons, those intent on doing harm have taken to throwing battery acid from auto parts stores and drain cleaner in people’s faces.  Now the UK wants restrict the purchase and possession of those chemicals.

It should be noted that the increase in acid attacks in the UK coincides with the increase in Middle Eastern “refugees” and that acid throwing is a common occurrence in Islamic countries, particularly against women.   Linda “Jihad against Trump” Sarsour’s extended family is really enriching the culture of the UK.

These women can march against the NRA all they want, but they are not making me safer.

They are not doing anything to stop the criminal culture in Chicago, Acid throwing around the world, Female Genital Mutilation in Michigan.

What they are doing is trying to make it more unsafe for me by restricting my ability to carry for self defense.

This is safety socialism.  These elites get to keep their armed guards and the rest of us are left to the mercy of predators with nothing more than meaningless slogans about equality to defend ourselves with.

3 Replies to “Meaningless sloganeering”

  1. As an engineer who was often part of proposal- and RFP-writing teams, I frequently had to remind the customer and my own company that requirements needed to be achievable *and* verifiable. This slogan is neither, thus it’s irrelevant.


  2. Their idea is that if guns are banned then no one will have them and hence no violence and everyone is safe.

    I left childish thinking behind before my teen years decades ago. As was noted, there are a lot of things that can be used as a weapon (cars, chemicals, rocks).

    Of course, their gun control schemes never address the fact that the criminals (and tyrants and despots) will retain and use them with impunity in the vacuum of citizen disarmament.

    Their “safety” is a fanciful illusion. Unicorns and rainbows. They are dangerous fools.



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