Moms Demand’s Michelle Gajda (@michelle_gajda): The #NRA2DOJ , Culture-War & SYG Lies.

You have to give it to Michelle Gajda , she loves her job as Shannon’s Rep in Florida even if she is not only on the wrong side of history and true feminism but also helps passing down ignorance and legal lies.

First this beauty.

And she is almost right, except for the fact that we are not trying to ignite a culture war, we started it long ago and we are winning it. Now Moms Demand is engaged in a campaign of Race Baiting and disharmony thinking they can pull the race card in Florida which is brutally stupid when you consider the racial make up of the State. I do believe this is going to explode in their faces rather badly, but by then Shannon Watts will be well on her way to her campaign for Congress and Moms Demand will be going the way Brady and CSGV are going.

And then she treated us with this:

Bot Michelle and the editorial idiots of the Tampa Bay Times keep repeating the narrative that Stand Your Ground is some sort of Evil Experiment created by the NRA when in fact is a long-established legal principle in the United States with United States Supreme Court decisions favoring SYG as far back as 120 years ago.

But if they were sticklers for the truth, they would probably be out of the job.

Why lie when your cause is Righteous?

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  1. Weird how the people defending their rights or civilizational norms are always the ones who “started” the culture wars.



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