Everytown and CCW Reciprocity

I noticed that Everytown for Gun Safety has been doing a series of posts on their Facebook page attacking the idea of national concealed carry reciprocity.

Of course, being an Bloomberg funded anti-gun group, they have to resort to lies and deceit.

These are three of the posts that I saw.  Lets analyze, shall we?

Yes, it is true that South Carolina requires life fire training for a CWP permit and Georgia does not.  That really isn’t a big problem for South Carolina through, since it already has reciprocity with Georgia, Florida, Alabama, and all the other Southern states that have lower standards.

First of all, Maryland’s permits are may issue and has a “good and substantial reason” to carry a gun and honors no out of state permits.  West Virginia has constitutional carry, but still has to abide by federal law.  So any person convicted of domestic violence or under a restraining order is a prohibited person and can’t poses a gun, let alone carry one in public.  You wound’t know that from Everytown’s post.

I don’t know where they got the idea that Ohio has a specific ban for abusive dating partners and Pennsylvania doesn’t.  Ohio seems to follow the federal NICS standard for domestic violence convictions and restraining orders when it comes to issuing CCW permits.  Pennsylvania does too, they even call their the PICS, and you can guess what that stands for.  Ohio and Pennsylvania have reciprocity too.

Minnesota is America’s second most Liberal state.  Really.  The Twin Cities are the San Francisco of the Midwest.  Much like Chicago and Illinois, they politics of the big city is very different than the rest of the rural state and the big city has enough of a population that they can push the rest of the state around.  Hence, like Illinois, the anti-gun attitude in the big city has made the state CCW system hyper-restrictive and have very little reciprocity with other states

Nebraska doesn’t have reciprocity with Minnesota and Nebraska requires live fire, fingerprints, and 8 hours of class time.  Sometimes having similar standards isn’t enough, politics drives these decisions as well.

That is why I am a YUGE supporter of national CCW.  Get the state politics out of the game.  Only in the straw man mind of Everytown would a national CCW policy fall to the lowest common denominator.  What is desired is a single standard that every state is required to recognize.  If a state wants a lower standard within the state, fine, but reciprocity requires meeting the national standard.

South Dakota did something similar.  A basic SD permit is easy to get, but the higher level Enhanced Permit gets reciprocity with Nebraska (something that it didn’t have when I lived there).

If I have to sit through 8 hours of training and shoot a B-27 or B-29 so many times, fine.  When I’m done I get to carry in Baltimore when visiting my sister, and in New Jersey when visiting my brother.

Then there was this post.

Did the repeal of handgun purchase and carry permits really cause a spike in crime?  If you work for Bloomberg, yes.

If you look at all the factors, than no.   Yes, violent crime and gun crime have spiked in Missouri.  Almost all of it has been in the urban areas around St. Louis and Kansas City.  Not just that, but the majority of the violence comes from just one-third of the neighborhoods in the  cities.  The violence is concentrated in poor areas,that are predominantly black.  This is mirrored in other American cities like Baltimore, Chicago, and Washington D.C.

There are several reasons for this.  In Missouri, criminals caught illegally possessing guns have been given probation instead of jail time.  Cheap Mexican heroine has made its way into the Midwest, fueling gang crime.  Gang membership is up because of the Ferguson incident, as young, dissafected black men join gangs in protest of police.

The culture in urban Missouri can be shown in this quote:

Jennifer M. Joyce, the top prosecutor in St. Louis, keeps a framed picture of a teenager from one of her recent cases posing with a gun.

“It has reached the point in St. Louis where this guy can get a gun really easily,” she said. “He believes that gun is going to allow him to avenge the death of his buddy. But what we all know is that gun will either be the death of him or cause him to end up in prison.”

 That is the making of a gang war.  But anti-gun Liberals will never focus on that.  Everytown only pays lip service to gang violence.

Their real enemy is the almost non-existent law abiding, concealed carry permit holder, who gets angry and goes on a killing spree.

What is really comes down to is (again) Liberal elitism.

That’s what they really believe.  They don’t want any knuckle-dragging, flyover country, hayseeds from Missouri to pack heat when they take their once-in-a-lifetime vacation to the Big Apple.

There is no level of training that would satisfy these people enough to allow me to carry in their precious urban utopias.

God forbid some redneck from Alabama carry a gun in NYC.  How gauche!

It’s not like I’m going to whip it out and fire one off on the subway.  They already have enough locals doing just that.

7 Replies to “Everytown and CCW Reciprocity”

  1. “Of course, being an Bloomberg funded anti-gun group, they have to resort to lies and deceit.”

    Shocker, ain’t it? ;-D


  2. I just never cease to be amazed by how they can’t make up their mind about whether concealed or open carry is worse.

    Every time the topic is concealed, they make a point to talk about how bad it is that these guns are HIDDEN! They must be bad because they HIDE the gun!

    Every time the topic is open, they make the point to talk about how horrible it is that they’re PUBLICLY showing a weapon! They must be doing it to intimidate and scare everyone!

    Just decide already…


  3. I missed those parts of the Constitution where I have to register my Bible and I can only read it once a month, and I cannot post on a blog without a sherriff performing a back ground check on me first. I think the BOR also has a section on training before I can plead the 5th.

    Oh wait, those only apply to the 2A.

    I will train because I am way smarter and more mature than anti-2A radicals. When it is mandatory I no longer have a right; it is a whimsical privilege of the State.



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