The solution? Ban Water.

Those evil Floridians don’t care about Children!  They are dying in droves and nothing is being done! BAN ALL THE GUNS!

There is no epidemic. Although we like to joke that stupidity is contagious, really is not transmitted by a biological entity but simply a failure to learn and in the case of guns, a concerted effort NOT to teach firearms safety to kids and even adults. Why? Because knowledge equals safety equals less death.  Less corpses means fewer opportunities to make noise and raise funds. It is a bloody mercenary thing if you ask me.

The answer is more and more legislation which we know it does not help other than to make a nice photo-op for the local or state news. I went to the CDC’s website to check on drownings of kids since we already had several this year. Lo and behold, the info for death by accidental discharge and for drownings are next to each other:

So for ages ranging from zero to 14 (“Do it for the Children!”) we have 49 deaths by accidental firearms and 647 by drowning.  Thirteen time more by water than by bullets.  And that is for a total of just under 11 million pools in the USA, bit somehow thee same idiots expect zero accidents in a country with 350 million firearms which they know is impossible but have no issue peddling the idea they can make it happen if you only vote for them and give them money.

Now, if you are from Pluto and have not heard, for many years there has been legislation about pools and an effort to teach children as young as months-old to swim or at least survive in the water. Add to that and extensive line of merchandise to make pools “safe” (no such thing, just helping to reduce chances) with passive and active means. Yet, we see the numbers above and compared with deaths by accidental discharge of firearms, the numbers are staggering.

Now, if we follow the instruction book of the Opposition, we should start an immediate campaign against this  malady by denouncing   “rogue” pool builders, having demonstrations in front of pool supply stores like Pinch a Penny and we should even go ahead and ban water. Well, not ban-ban but common sense restrictions like fencing all bodies of water in the USA to keep people from accessing them. Having all private pools filled with dirt or totally removed. The use of public facilities only allowed to those with “official training” and the general public won’t be allowed to gather water inside their homes in containers bigger than 3/4 of a gallon. No water to be taken outside the home unless the person has a May Issue license issued by the local LEO and after showing good cause. I do believe that these are good “first steps” to eliminate the death by of our children.

Yes, it sounds that stupid applied to anything, but Gun Control groups are not after Gun Safety and will stand in the way of teaching safety even if it kills your kid.


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  1. “…the chances that toddlers and other children happen upon [object] have become statistically inevitable.”

    That’s such an obvious statement it’s almost not even worth fisking. Anyone with even a rudimentary understanding of statistics knows this. It doesn’t matter what the [object] is — if there is a non-zero chance of “happen[ing] upon” it, eventually it will happen. The [object] could be an insulin needle accidentally dropped in the Yellowstone National Forest, carrying rabies (from being drooled on by a rabid bear) AND ebola (from being farted on by an Egyptian mosquito that rode in on an Australian tourist’s knapsack), half-buried and JUST WAITING for some unsuspecting toddler to come along and step on it.

    It might only happen to the ONE person on the whole planet with the worst luck imaginable, but if it COULD happen, eventually, given enough chances (and hikers in Yellowstone), it WILL happen. It’s “statistically inevitable.”

    The key takeaway from that is that all it takes is a non-zero probability. The only way to avoid a non-zero probability for firearm encounters is to have absolutely zero firearms. Even ONE firearm in the entire country makes it a non-zero chance.

    Never let anyone tell you they don’t want to take your guns. ALL of them.


  2. Years ago, 2003-2004, my dad found a little 1inch by 2 inch article in a newspaper about 425THOUSAND kids EVERY YEAR ended up in emergency rooms because of scooters! Wheres “scooter control inc”? Wheres “moms demand safer scooters”?? The ignorance and fake outrage about guns is getting fukkin 350 million guns and how many accidental deaths?? Like .000000000000000000000000000001 percent ratio? Ya they want us to be like england- boxes on the corner to dump any and all dangerous things in so we wont hurt ourselves….dont get me started…


  3. Side note- my first experience with a HANDGUN- Remington Rand 1911,shot 3 or 4 mags through it at SIX years old. I remember to this day and i am 54. My dad taught me. 7 i was shooting a Remington 870 12ga.from age 10 til i got out of high school i had an M1carbine and an 870 on a gun rack loaded in my room.its called RESPONIBLE parenting. Nuff said.



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