Stop bullshitting us please

It is no secret that Liberals/Progressives/The Left hate the Military.  The evidence is clear, down to the City of Berkeley telling the USMC they are not welcome, to Harvard having a years long ban on ROTC on campus.

They hate the military and its “toxic masculinity.”

That was until Trump banned transgender individuals from serving.  Now they love the military and believe that any person who loved their country should be able to serve, mental stability not withstanding, and are going to fight tooth and nail for the military against hateful Conservatives.

It’s also no secret that Liberals/Progressives/The Left hate football and its violent, toxic masculinity problem.  Football skews Republican in terms of viewers and fans.

Colin Kaepernick takes the field.  He is a mixed race man, abandoned by his black father,  put up for adoption, he is raised by a middle class white family with all the privileges that entails.  He decides he’s going to go full #BLM on the NFL’s time and takes a knee during the Pledge of Allegiance.  ESPN has an orgasm over this.

In the real world, this drives viewers away, which drives advertisers away, which drives money away from the league.

If there is one big rule in business it is: Don’t piss off the customer.

Kaepernick did this to 32% of the NFL’s customers.

Beyond the protests, he was ranked 29 out of 32 quarterbacks.  So he just sucks at the sport.

He also wore a t-shirt with Fidel Castro on it, and then defended the Cuban dictator during a press conference.  Hooray, another #BLM liberal who just loves mas murdering, socialist, despots.  Had he been more famous a few years ago I bet he would have gone down with Sean Penn and Oliver Stone to blow Hugo Chavez for some revolutionary chic cred.

So, here you have a quarterback who is ranked at the bottom of the list.  He has driven away Middle American fans with his antics.  He has offended the Cuban American population with his antics.  He has lost the league untold millions of dollars with his antics.  So it is just good business that when he went to Miami, they told him “no and fuck off.”

Well, that’s apparently racist.  Spike Lee is now arranging a protest  on Kaepernick’s behalf.

A bunch of Liberals, who yesterday hated football, are now suddenly NFL superfans who want to see Kaepernick play?  Oh bullshit.  They are simply upset that one of their protected class victims was unable to get his way anymore.

If Kaepernick really wants to be newsworthy again, he should cut off his dick and try and join the Marines.

3 Replies to “Stop bullshitting us please”

  1. “He also wore a t-shirt with Fidel Castro on it, and then defended the Cuban dictator during a press conference.”

    I am still amazed that the Miami Dolphins even gave 5 seconds of consideration to make Kaepernick the new QB. But then again with yankee owner, I should have known better.


  2. “Stop bullshitting us please”

    That’s all libtards/progtards know, so don’t see that stopping anytime soon unless someone gives them a frontal lobotomy with a rusty spoon.



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