Verbal Diarrhea can be legally harmful.

So I caught this moron yesterday in Twitter.


I could not help myself but to check on the proper laws and let him know of the results.

And then I remembered something a wee bit important:

“Scott “Danger” Bravo is an acoustic, instrumental, guitarist from NYC.” So we have another case of a Dancing Monkey unable to contain his pie hole.

This is why we win


Update: Scott finally saw the post and gave his opinion.

Not unexpected. Then again, I am not trying to convince him.  😀

12 Replies to “Verbal Diarrhea can be legally harmful.”

  1. I reported his tweets for threatening violence against an individual.

    Looking at his responses to you guys, he is clearly a mental hobbit. “That’s twice you’ve avoided my question!” no, you answered his question.


    1. Again, the idea is not to convince him but to use him to convince others. He is doing his best to sound irrational and others will not want to belong to the same club. We win.


      1. Especially now that he’s bragging that, effectively, he’s a member of the Burgeouise who wouldn’t get arrested even if he literally assaulted a cop on main street.

        Yeah, that’s the narrative the Democrats want to push.


  2. People in NYC seem to be incredibly insulated from the rest of the world, though they seem to fancy themselves as somehow more cultured because they live in “the city” and there are lots of different colored people living there. Then the snowflakes venture out into the rest of the country and realize things are different, and they gnash their teeth and unleash their ignorance. Pro-tip for people from NYC – outside of that swollen, post-constitutional dystopia you call home, literally no one cares about you or what you think. Even people in upstate NY don’t care about you.



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