Alabama Immunity from Prosecution case: Shernita Stubbs Thomas

Shernita Stubbs Thomas, 28, was arrested last year after she shot her husband – Mario Moore – multiple times during a day of arguing at the couple’s Queenstown Avenue home. This week, Jefferson County Circuit Judge Clyde Jones dismissed the felony charge against her after a pretrial hearing on immunity from prosecution.

Source: Birmingham woman cleared in 2016 shooting of husband under Stand Your Ground law |

If a case shows the utmost importance of Immunity from Prosecution in a Pre Trial hearing, this is it:

On April 6, 2016 the couple got into an argument. “He strangled me that day because he didn’t receive his social security check at the house, which had actually been direct deposited,” Thomas said.

He left the house, and Thomas called police and reported what happened. Court records indicate the 911 calls made by Thomas during the domestic violence incident in the hours before the shooting, photographs taken by police of Thomas’s injuries and messages saved by investigators from Thomas’s phone of “Mr. Moore threatening to set her and her car on fire after he had strangled Ms. Thomas,” were among the items later requested by her attorney.

Moore returned to their home a short time later. “When he came back in the house, I was scared for my life,” she said.

That’s when the shooting happened. “It was scary,” she said. “I’d never been in a situation where I had to use a deadly weapon.

This is no a question of He-Said-She-Said but one which the cops had already responded to and had enough documentation to arrest and indict Mr. Moore for Attempted Murder. Why was Ms. Stubbs arrested and charged?

I am gonna quote reader Miles as I find his version very plausible:

“I’ve come to the conclusion from reading of many similar type incidents, that prosecutors are loath to not charge the survivor with something, even though they know a judge will see through the crap and throw out the charge.
They keep their record of being ‘tough on crime (You see? It’s those damn judges letting them off “on a technicality”) BS to maintain their ‘aura’ so in the future some poor schmuck is more likely to take a plea bargain – and I’ll bet this guy was offered such and told the prosecutor where to go and how to get there – than fight the charge.”
And that can be called Prosecutorial Misconduct and a misuse of taxpayers monies.

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  1. I am very interested in seeing how the antis and the “progressives” respond to this one.

    In their mind, stand your ground (and any other immunity from prosecution law) is designed with no other purpose than to allow white men to kill blacks/minorities. Here you have a black woman benefiting from it when she defends herself from an abusive husband.

    Oh, wait. Another thing. Doesn’t having a gun only empower the abusive husband to kill their wife? What’s the meme? You are 5.8 million more times likely to be killed by an abuser if there is a gun in the home, and use of a gun in self defense against a user is impossible, or something like that?

    Well, there goes another piece of the narrative.


    1. They won’t respond. They took one in the chin with Marissa Alexander in Florida. Only those idiots went to criticize a black mother from defending herself from an abusive husband.
      She went on to testify in favor of the expansion of Immunity from Prosecution.


  2. This is a fight everywhere- you lawfully defend yourself from an un provoked attack and find you the victim,facing criminal charges. Its freakin insane! Never give up the fight for our freedom. Im glad she got charges dropped.



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