Confirmed: Florida GOP does not want to be re-elected. No Good Gun Bills for 2018. 

After filing nearly a dozen gun-related bills for the 2017 legislative session and seeing none of them become law, state Sen. Greg Steube is scaling back on his proposals for 2018 and focusing on less controversial measures.Steube, R-Sarasota, filed two gun bills this week. One bill would allow concealed weapon permit holders to carry a gun up to a courthouse security checkpoint and leave the weapon with security. The other would require a business to provide security if it prohibits people from carrying concealed weapons and would make that business liable if someone prohibited from carrying a weapon is injured by another person or animal.A third gun bill in the works would clarify that accidentally exposing a concealed weapon is not a crime, Steube said

Source: Steube dials back on gun bills, won’t file more controversial measures

We are not getting Good Gun Bill for next year due to the sudden loss of testicles by the GOP legislators.

This is no longer a case of one or two senators or one representatives cowering to the supposedly power of the Anti Gun Groups, we are seeing a full contagion going on and it is because we have been kind and voted for them come hell or high water. It is our fault, we are suffering from a political form of Battered Wife Syndrome and it has to stop.

We don’t vote for GOP next election.

We don’t vote for GOP next election unless we see good bills reaching the desk of the Governor. Hell, I will even make it easy: Just get Open Carry to the Governor’s hands, but make sure it is veto-proof.

Dear Florida GOP Legislators: We no longer will pay for commodities we are not getting.


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  1. So Miguel, would you prefer to vote for the DemocRATS that want to take your guns away? Issue is we need more constitutionalist in office.


  2. Better yet,

    Pick a few Republicans, like the Senate Committee Chairwoman and primary them. Pick good primary candidates. Get out there for these insurgent candidates. Money, time, and enthusiasm. A lot of people can see what is happening in Washington DC, and will be receptive to a throw the bum out campaign. I know I am. Find the people that are hard core Republican primary voters and ask them to vote insurgent. Find the Trumpers, Find the Tea Partiers, Find the So-Cons, and get their primary support if possible.

    If we do not get change in the primary, then vote for the Democrat in the general election. Don’t stay home, VOTE! Vote GOP for everyone, EXCEPT the target. There you vote Democrat. None of this leaving it blank crud. When they analyze the voting afterwards, the 5,000 or 10,000 missing votes will show them just how powerful you are (or foul it up, how powerful you AREN’T)

    We cannot take all these RINO Bas—–s on at the same time, but we can scare the hell out of the survivors. Take out two or three, and watch the survivors. Remind them that you might not get them next time, but you might get them. Vote Guns, and they have your support.

    Pick a Target. Kill their Career. Ask the survivors to vote guns.


    1. Good strategy except that they are not in my district. The one that was, Diaz the la Portilla we got out, but his replacement turned out to be a traitor so she is out next go around, but it is going to be tough, as Miami-Dade country is liberal la la land.



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