When the enemy makes a mistake…

… do not correct him.

Conroe’s chief of police was asked to leave the Texas Ear Nose and Throat Specialists office in The Woodlands Tuesday afternoon because he was carrying his firearm. Chief Philip Dupuis told The Courier he was wearing his badge on his belt in plain view next to his handgun, as well as his Conroe PD identification on a lanyard around his neck when he entered the doctor’s office in the 3900 block of Pinecroft Drive around 4 p.m. and started to check in. A receptionist took his driver’s license and insurance card before questioning him about the gun on his hip. Dupuis said she asked him to take his gun out to his car. The 35-year law enforcement veteran, who never has had an accidental discharge, refused to disarm himself, reiterating that he is a police officer.
That’s when he was asked to leave, Dupuis said.

Source: Conroe police chief asked to leave doctor’s office for carrying his handgun – Houston Chronicle

A consequence of Gun Control being so tightly associated with the Left is that members will adopt the causes so indicated by Intelligentsia even when it will hurt them.

That a business or medical practice would deny service to Law Enforcement just because they can be assholes that way, is a momentous event for our side. It is not that LEOs are Anti Gun (not by far in most regular USA) but serves to show to Mr. and Mrs. Undecided the real amount of crazy & stupid bubbling over at the Opposition.

They need massive and coordinated media efforts to try to destroy our reputations but it only takes one single solitary event by an individual to bring a lot of it down among cops.

And some on our side should pay attention to this. Just because you can do something or feel that it should be that way does not mean it is the smart strategy to follow.

Fight Smarter, not Harder.

2 Replies to “When the enemy makes a mistake…”

  1. Also this exposes the Left’s lie that they are pro-police. Just like the lie that they “Love the Soldier but hate the war”.

    Nope, the left isn’t even Socialist anymore they have become the party of young Hitler and Lenin. Anarchists destroying a society in the NAME of Socialism.

    Anarchists HATE cops and soldiers because they will put out the fires the anarchists start.



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