Conversation with the wife

This happened today on the way to the grocery store:

Her: “Have you seen the news about what’s happened in Charlottesville?”

Me: “A little, why?”

Her: “What do you know?”

Me: “Some Nazis and KKK have fought it out with some Antifa Communists.  It’s the Eastern Front in WWII all over again.”

Her: “That doesn’t bother you?”

Me: “When Nazis and Commmies try and kill each other, I really don’t give a shit.  May they all die choking each other to death.”

*Shows wife Miguel’s post with similar sentiment on phone.”

Her: “The only thing they have in common is that that are both anti-Semitic.  Nobody seems to care about that.”

*Shows me Facebook group about it.*

Me: “Yeah, like I said, Nazis and Commies.  You think I’m surprised they are  a bunch of anti-Semites?”

Her: “But these are real Nazis.  They shouldn’t exist like this.”

Me: “Welcome to the side effect of freedom.  Some people will choose to be horrible assholes.  They have the First Amendment right to do so.”

Her: “That doesn’t bother you?”

Me: “Well, they spent today parading their Jew hate.  I spent today practicing shooting people in the fucking face. ”

*Pats fanny pack containing Para Warthog and 38 rounds of 45 +P.”

Me: “Hooray freedom.”

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    1. The issue with the Warthogs wasn’t the gun, it was the mag bodies. If your magazine has a hard time loading more than 6 rounds, toss the mag.

      I have one 10 rounder and two 14 round reloads that function flawlessly.



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