Doxing Gun Owners? You may want to rethink that one.

Still not sure what is it all about. Caught some snippets here and there in Twitter about the Main Stream Media and some in Social Media doxing Law Abiding Gun Owners.

I know some groups love to show up at people’s houses, mob up, barricade the homeowner’s entrances and generally raise shit to embarrass them.  But I don’t know how good that would work with Gun Owners, I mean, it would be like sending deer wearing bells straight to a deer stand.

Easy Venison.

PS: Doxing goes both ways. Just sayin’

3 Replies to “Doxing Gun Owners? You may want to rethink that one.”

  1. Most parts of ‘Fly Over’ country in the U.S. won’t see that happen, and there’s a very simple reason why it won’t.
    It’s the same reason riots don’t happen and the violent crime rate is on the extremely low side as well.
    “Zero Tolerance” also works both ways.



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