Gun Control Groups once again jump the gun.

Funny sad in a way. Moms Demand and its parent organization clutch pearls in the hope somebody got shot.


And then, this happens.

It is like there is some sort of cosmic conspiracy trying to tell them that cars kill more people than them Evil Semi Automatic Machine Ghost guns  with Assault Clips. Hell, statistically they are not even a blip in the pie chart.

Let me help them with their new campaign banner:

2 Replies to “Gun Control Groups once again jump the gun.”

  1. Following Everytown’s logic…

    With car driving, there’s no way to know if someone driving a car is a reason to run for cover, and it ties law enforcement’s hands from doing anything about it – until the driver plows a car into a crowd and it’s too late.

    Stop the hate by banning all cars.



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