Moms Demand frustrated: No people got killed by guns in Charlottesville.

I cannot believe I forgot to post this one!

If you don’t know who Erika is, she is a founding member of Moms Demand and part of the very inside core the group.  We have read about the amazing rate of turnover within Moms, so you know she is a heavy hitter if she has remained this long.

Gun Controls groups had been having a Hate Fest against Dana Loesch for being a woman who dared to be not only self-assured and independent, but had the ovaries to stand for what she wanted which happened to be not in lockstep (by far) with the Feminist movement. But Moms have a special hate for Dana since she has been calling for a debate against Shannon for years now and she refuses. We know that Hillary 2.0 will not utter a public word unless she controls the event and Dana is making her look like a cowardly hag.

Now, don’t forget that Moms and Everytown were issuing warnings about the evil people with rifles roaming around Charlottesville. They just “knew” what was going to happen, right?

But it did not happen like they assured.

Erika’s tweet tells me two things: Moms were betting on armed violence in Charlottesville. Heck, not only betting, but praying for it or at least they had their fingers crossed and mumbled “pretty please” over and over.  When this did not happen, they went ahead and blame the attack on Dana and the NRA because, why waste the prepared work? and they still consider their followers stupid enough to believe there is a Dodge dealership in the NRA headquarters building.

The only thing that Erika managed to do was to look rather stupid and be seen as a political interloper trying to cash in on spilled blood…which is pretty much what groups like hers do: No bodies, no fund get raised.

Hey, I don’t mind they screw up like that. Carry on with favorable winds!

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  1. Maybe this could have been prevented if cars were registered and licensed… Oh…

    Well, then perhaps if we required drivers to be licensed and to take a test proving the know the laws about driving before… Oh…

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