Moms Demand Assume. (BUSTED)

The photos of the tax form were photoshopped. This is what happens when I don’t follow my own rule of always reading the source material.

My apologies for the fuck up.

It is nothing new that I believe Moms Demand believes its followers are dumber than rocks and lies to them without an ounce of shame. That goes double for what they think about Gun People since they built and believed the narrative we are a bunch of dumb ignorant rednecks.

I just found out this little exchange from last month in Twitter.


And a bit bigger:

Ouch! That’s gonna leave a mark.

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  1. That 990 is photo shopped. The actual 2013 form 990 for EIN 20-8802884 (Everytown), page 7 line 5 shows Megan Lewis as an employee with an income of $147,375. I have no doubt that Watts in compensated, but that would be found in a mixture of items found on page 10 and later.

    The actual 990 can be downloaded from

    All three publicly available 990s can be seen at:

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